Suggest an improvement to our service

The API is always interested to hear from Members with their suggestions.  We value and encourage feedback from our Members.

If you have a comment or suggestion on ways to improve our services to Members, please contact your local Member Services Manager or the Chief Executive Officer on (02) 9299 1811 or via email.


Forgotten passwords

The login option appears in the top right of each page (or as part of the main menu on a mobile device). 

Click the login option then on the ‘reset your password link.  Add your email address on the following screen and click the ‘email new password button.


Why should I use a Member of the API for my property requirements?

The Australian Property Institute is Australia’s peak body for property professionals.

The API has set and maintains the benchmark for professional practice standards, codes of conduct and Code of Ethics, and plays a key role in industry by providing Members with essential tools and information. Our Members are highly regarded and respected throughout Australia for their professionalism, knowledge and expertise, and the highest standards of quality and performance.

Membership to the API is synonymous with traits and qualities such as integrity, service orientation, experience, specialist expertise, and high levels of education and training.  API Members are subject to qualification and experience criteria to obtain membership and are then required to undertake Continued Professional Development (CPD) requirements to keep abreast of changes.


Updating Member contact details

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Company / Business Names

To ensure that the API’s business records remain as accurate as possible the ability to change the name of the business you work for has been disabled.  Please go to our  Change of Company Name page to request a change.


Confirming API Membership

Members of the public can contact the API to confirm if someone is a Member of the API.  The API can provide details of the Member’s Name, Membership Classification, Employer and Business Phone Number.   

Any requests for further details will be subject to the API’s Corporate Privacy Policy.


Online Payments

You can purchase your membership, event tickets, courses and shop products on our website using multiple online payment options. If you need another method to purchase from the API, please contact us.


Event registrations

For privacy reasons we do not permit changes during the event registration process to update your personal data.  This is because someone may register for an event on your behalf.



Changing your employer

To ensure that the API’s business records remain as accurate as possible the ability to change the name of the business you work for has been disabled.  Please go to ourChange of Company Name form to request a change.



Contact us

Journalists wishing to speak with the Australian Property Institute should contact our Marketing & Communications team via or visit our Media Centre page.



Membership Number

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Moving interstate

API Members are served by their local API office so it is vital that Members advise the API when they move from one state/territory to another.   

Please see our Interstate Transfer page and complete the webform to advise the API.


Membership eligibility

Eligibility for API membership is based on the qualifications and experience of the applicant. The API endorses courses offered by various tertiary institutions to meet our educational requirements, however, there are a range of educational backgrounds that can provide membership of the API. 

For full details of membership eligibility please refer to our Which Membership is right for you page or contact your local Member Services Manager. Contact details can be found on our  Get in touch page.


Membership Renewals

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Membership Renewal receipts

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Proof of Membership certificated

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Getting involved

The API is governed by a National Board consisting of seven elected directors who are Members of the API and up to two appointed directors who are Independent persons with skills that add value to the Board. 

As a Member you may be eligible to be nominated for election to the Board at the next AGM.  As per the Constitution, the API will put a call out to all Members to nominate for a position on the API Limited Board.   


Complaint procedures

API Complaint Procedures

If you have a grievance with a Member of the API, you should first contact the Member to discuss your concerns and attempt to negotiate an acceptable outcome.  Our Members are subject to our Code of Professional Conduct and should conduct themselves accordingly. 

If, after taking steps to resolve the issue with the Member you are still dissatisfied, you may lodge a complaint with the API’s Professional Standards and Complaints Officer. Officer.  Complaints are handled in accordance with the Complaints Policy.  Further information on the complaints handling procedure can be found on the Complaints Procedures page on the website. 

Please note the API does not mediate disputes on grounds of quantum.  A complaint based solely on quantum is outside the scope of the API Complaints Policy process and grievances on this basis should be dealt with through other channels of mediation and/or legal process. 


My Portal

Logging in


Create a new account

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Reset my password

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My Portal – what is available?

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Choose which emails I receive from API

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Online Purchases

Making a payment

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Find an invoice

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Subscribe to the Australian and New Zealand Property Journal

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Online Learning

Navigating the online learning environment

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Studying your Online Course

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Passing an Online Course

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Course results

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Locate a Completion Certificate for Online Learning

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International Valuation Standards (IVS)

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Enrolling in an Online Course

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Risk Management Modules (RMM)

About the Risk Management Modules

The Risk Management Module (RMM) program has been a requirement for practising Valuers since 2003 as a collective way to manage professional risk and ensure access to Professional Indemnity (PI) Insurance. 

All API Certified Practising Valuer (CPV) and Residential Property Valuer (RPV) Members must hold a current RMM Certificate. Certificates expire on 31 December of the third year following completion. 

Applicants for Provisional Membership with Residential Property Valuer (RPV) and Associate Membership with Certified Practising Valuer (CPV) must complete a RMM as part of the Future Property Professionals Program. 

RMM 2018 is a blended learning program combining self-paced online Introductory Module, live Interactive Workshop, Online Assessment and online resources. A Certificate is provided on successful completion. 

For more information please go to the Specialisation page to the Compulsory Modules section.


Bulk registrations and in-house workshops

Organisations who would: 

  • like to register multiple attendees, and/or 
  • arrange for an in-house workshop 

can contact our Education Team for assistance.


When do I renew my RMM

All API Certified Practising Valuer (CPV) and Residential Property Valuer (RPV) Members must hold a current RMM Certificate. Certificates expire on 31 December of the third year following completion. If your Risk Management Module Completion Certificate is to expire on 31 December this year then you are required to complete one of the available Risk Management Modules before the end of the current calendar year.


Not sure when you last completed a Risk Management Module?

Your CPD Diary in My Portal shows your recent CPD event history.  If you have a current Completion Certificate from a Risk Management Module which is not listed in your CPD Diary please contact our Education Team for assistance.


Advice for Membership Applicants

Applicants for Provisional Membership with Residential Property Valuer or Associate Membership with Certified Practising Valuer must complete a Risk Management Module as part of the Future Property Professionals Program.   

Applicants for other levels of membership are not required to complete a Risk Management Module, however, are welcome to undertake one.


Completion requirements

All API Certified Practising Valuer (CPV) and Residential Property Valuer (RPV) Members are required to hold a current Risk Management Module Completion Certificate from an API approved Risk Management Module.  Risk Management Module Completion Certificates last for three years from 31 December in the year of completion.

The number of parts which must be completed is determined by your previous completion of Risk Management Module:

  • Participants who are yet to complete an RMM must complete Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3 (5 CPD points), and
  • Participants who have already completed an RMM must complete Part 2 & Part 3 (3 CPD points).  Participants who have already completed an RMM are welcome to complete Part 1, however, such completion is not mandatory.


My first Risk Management Module

All current members and new applicants who undertake valuations of Australian property and are yet to complete a Risk Management Module must complete Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 of the Risk Management Module.


Do I have to do the online Module and online assessments all at once?

No, you do not have to do it all at once.  You can go in and out of the online module as often as they like.


How long do I have to complete the assessment? does the link run out?

There is no time limit on the quiz.  Also, there are no limits on how many time you can go in and out of the quiz/assessment.


Future Property Professionals (FPP)

Can I commence the Future Property Professionals Program while I am still studying?

Yes, assuming you have reached a certain level of practical experience.

Those completing their final year of studies at an API accredited tertiary institution can commence their Future Property Professionals program provided they have a minimum of 12 months of Approved Professional Experience at the commencement of the program.


Is completion of the Future Property Professional program required regardless of how much experience I have?

All applicants for Provisional Membership with Residential Property Valuer or Associate Membership with Certified Practising Valuer are required to complete the Future Property Professionals program.

Applicants with three (3) years or more of Approved Professional Experience are only required to complete a reduced number of modules. Refer to the Completion Requirements section on the FPP page for further information.


What do I need to do to successfully complete a module?

Participants completing the Future Property Professionals program have two attempts to successfully complete a module quiz. The pass mark for the quiz has been set at approximately 80% and each quiz has a time limit associated with it (with the exception of Risk Management Module Essentials). The time is determined by the make-up of the quiz based on the number of questions, the type of questions and the number of different options within each question.

If the final attempt of the assessment or quiz is unsuccessful, the participant will be required to re-enrol in the module. No discounts for re-enrolment are offered to those required to re-enrol.


How long does each module take to complete?

Modules in the Future Property Professionals program should take between 2 and 3 hours each to complete with the Risk Management Module taking around 5 hours to complete.  However, if additional reading is required, this should be considered in addition to the estimated completion time.



As the Future Property Professionals program is delivered in an on-line environment, enabling it to be accessed at any time, no cancellations will be accepted.

You can choose not to complete the module, however, there will be no refund on offer for a module that is not completed.


Do Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points accrue for the FPP program?


Two CPD points can be claimed for the completion of a FPP module, however there are two exceptions to this:

  1. Risk Management Module (RMM): You will need to do the Introduction to Risk Management Module 2018 (online) and then do either:
    1. RMM 2018 Face-to-face workshop (2.5 CPD) and online assessment (0.5 CPD); or
    2. RMM 2018 Online version (includes assessment) (3 CPD)
  2. International Valuation Standards Module (3 CPD)


API Events

I am not receiving the API Member Rate

Coming soon.


Locating API events

The API runs a wide range of educational and networking events around the country. Our face to face events program is delivered as workshops, seminars and conferences with a range of online options also available.

Use the filters to search for a category of event or within a specific date range. To find upcoming API events, navigate to our Events, Webinars & Online Courses page either from the home page, or under the Professional Development tab in the main navigation bar.

From here, you can navigate between Events, Webinars and Online Courses from one page. At the bottom of an individual event page, you will be shown similar events that you can find out more about.


How do I register for an API event?

Coming soon.


Where can I access a receipt for an API event?

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Membership Applications

Applying for Provisional Membership with Residential Property Valuer

Coming soon.


Applying for Associate Membership

Coming soon.


Applying for Student Membership

Coming soon.

Applying for Connect Membership

Coming soon.

Applying for Fellow Membership

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Applying for Provisional Membership

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Applying for MAPI Membership

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Am I eligible to join the API?

Please refer to our Which membership is right for you page or contact your local API Office to ascertain if you are eligible.  Contact details for your local API office can be found on our Get in touch page.


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) compliance

What are my annual Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements?

The API requires members to achieve 20 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points per annum. The following membership classes must satisfy the API’s CPD requirements:

  • Life Fellow
  • Fellow
  • Associate
  • Provisional

In the first year of membership in one of these levels a pro-rata amount of CPD points is required.

For further information please refer to the CPD Rules & Requirements page or contact our Education Team.


Where can I see a list of past events I have attended?

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View my CPD diary

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How do I request a CPD Compliance Certificate?

Coming soon.


How do I locate my CPD Compliance Certificate?

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I completed the Residential Valuation Standing Instructions module last year, do I have to complete a new module?

Yes, to be compliant with Valex’s requirements, you must complete a new Residential Valuation Standing Instructions each year.