The API has identified a need to provide an opportunity for its Members to participate in specialist Chapters.

The purpose of these Chapters is to provide a forum for the broad range of property professionals that work in these areas to network, gain knowledge & training and to advocate on issues impacting their area of specialised expertise.


Professional Chapters

These Chapters will have the following elements:

  • Membership is open to all financial members of the API working (or looking to work) in the relevant specialist areas;
  • Events and Education provided by the Chapter are open to all sector professionals;
  • Each Chapter will have a Foundation Chapter Committee, including a Chair and Deputy Chair, appointed by the CEO;
  • The Foundation Chapter Committee may recommend the creation of Special Interest Groups as sub-groups within the Chapter.


The Foundation Chapter Committee (including Chair and Deputy Chair) will work with API Staff to:

  • Develop a yearly programme for engagement;
  • Organise events and activities to support professional development and networking opportunities; and, amongst others,
  • Promote API membership amongst property professionals working in the relevant areas of expertise within the Chapter.


Introducing Infrastructure Professional Chapter

The API’s inaugural Chapter is the Infrastructure Professionals Chapter (IPC).  This Chapter is aimed at professionals working in infrastructure delivery across Australia – be they valuers, engineers, lawyers, planners or environmental experts.  More specifically, property professionals play a vital role in the delivery of land to infrastructure projects.  This includes land acquisition and compensation, the negotiation of easements, leases and licenses and other access arrangements.

The objective of the Infrastructure Professionals Chapter is to deliver educational content, networking opportunities, regular updates and advocacy for professionals working in infrastructure delivery, including highlighting new infrastructure projects. All API Members are invited to join the Chapter, who are interested in, or working within, Infrastructure projects and markets.

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Not an API Member?

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