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We are committed to supporting property students through the earliest years of your career with a range of resources, including:

Our career-ready program is a great step up for students who are looking to start building their career early and get ahead of the competitive job market.

API Student Members get access to a wide range of networking opportunities, student pricing to most events, as well as industry led career events where you can meet with recruiters looking fill into their graduate programs.

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Becoming a Student Member is quick and easy, and offers you the opportunity to get a head start on your career!

Applications are quick and easy to complete! Student Membership with the API also gives you access to exclusive discounts to our products and services through our Member Rewards program.

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Student Resources

What else is there?

Our YPP Committees

Meet our Young Property Professionals committees! With a committee in most States and Territories, these Members help create networking, social and educational events designed specifically for students and younger Members.

The API Career Centre

Open to all API Members, the Career Centre is the place to look for jobs in the industry. Members can also post a job notifying employees that you are looking for work, internships, and everything in between!

All listings are included in our monthly “Careers in Property” communication to over 8000 professionals.

Research Grants and Education Scholarships

Make sure you look at APREF, our Research and Scholarship program, where we provide educational support for academics and students looking to build the industry knowledge!

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