Technical Information Papers and Guidance Notes

The principal objective of a Technical Information Paper (TIP) or Guidance Note (GN) as well as any associated Resource Pack (if applicable) is to clarify professional and industry processes, appropriate practices and procedures and to discuss their use and implementation.

TIP or GN is designed to be of assistance to Members and those who use Members’ services. They serve as a guide and measure of acceptable professional practice and conduct of a Member. 

The intention of a TIP or GN is to: 

  • Provide information on the characteristics of different types of assets that are relevant to the advice.  
  • Provide information on appropriate practices and their application.
  • Provide information that assists Members in exercising the judgements they are required to make in specific situations.
  • Convey elements of what is considered “competent professional practice” for Australian Property Institute (API) Members. 

A TIP or GN is not intended to provide comprehensive training, instruction or prescriptive practices and procedures, or direct that a process, professional approach or method should or should not be used in any specific instruction or situation.


Member Obligation

Members are responsible for choosing the most appropriate approach in a matter based upon the task and instruction. It is a matter for each Member to decide the appropriate practice in any situation, and if they are unclear, seek professional advice from others, or contact the API. Members have the responsibility of deciding when it is inappropriate to follow a TIP or GN.

The Institute(s) do not warrant that anything contained in this or any TIP or GN is the definitive or final statement on any issue. Members must perform their own work pursuant to their own professional expertise and experience and if required, seek additional advice which might include legal advice.

In the case of a valuation paper, a TIP or GN recognises the International Valuation Standards (IVS) published by the International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC) and in place at the date of the valuation.


Court or Tribunal Reliance

A court or tribunal may take into account the contents of any relevant TIP or GN or other document relating to a recommended professional practice published by API in deciding whether the member acted to a standard required by law.


Currency of Publication

Case law and relevant legislation may change over time and whilst the Institutes(s) consider that the content of a TIP or GN is current at the date of publication, Members and those who use Members’ services should have regard to legislative changes and new rulings and, if necessary, seek further advice prior to having regard to the TIP or GN.


Departure or Non-Compliance

Where a Member considers that a circumstance exists that warrants the departure from or non-compliance with the content of any TIP or GN, the Member’s report (or other advice) must include a statement that outlines:

(a) the reasons for the departure or non-compliance with a TIP or GN; and

(b) any impact the Members departure or non-compliance may have on the content of the report.

Members are advised to seek legal and/or other advice before departing from practice recommended in a TIP or GN.


Current TIPs and GNs

A list of the current TIPs and GNs including their effective dates is contained below.  To access any of the papers the quick links in the table below will open up the Member Portal/Knowledge Base/Standards/TIPs/Guidance Papers where a copy of the paper can be downloaded.

Document NameCategoryCodeEffective Date
Valuation Procedures - Real Property PaperValuation Guidance Papers - General
1 July 2019
Addressing the Concept of Forced Sale PaperValuation Guidance Papers - General
1 July 2015
Valuation of Partial Interests in Property held within Co-ownership Structures PaperValuation Guidance Papers - General
15 November 2016
Considerations when forming an opinion of value when there is a shortage of market transactionsValuation Guidance Papers - GeneralANZVTIP 141 January 2021
Retrospective Valuations PaperValuation Guidance Papers - Specific PurposesANZVTIP 11 January 2020
Valuations for Insurance PurposesValuation Guidance Papers - Specific Purposes
1 January 2021
Valuations for use in Offer DocumentsValuation Guidance Papers - Specific Purposes
1 August 2008
Valuations of Real Property, Plant & Equipment for Use in Australian Financial Reports PaperValuation Guidance Papers - Specific Purposes
1 July 2019
Assessing Rent and Rent DeterminationsValuation Guidance Papers - Specific PurposesAVTIP 10
9 February 2018
Valuations for Mortgage and Loan Security PurposesValuation Guidance Papers - Specific Purposes
1 January 2020
Valuations for Compensation and Compulsory AcquisitionValuation Guidance Papers - Specific PurposesANZVTIP 131 January 2021
Valuations for Compensation and Compulsory Acquisition Resource PackValuation Guidance Papers - Specific PurposesANZVTIP 13 RP1 January 2021
Market Value of Property, Plant & Equipment in a BusinessValuation Guidance Papers - Specific Property Types
1 July 2015
Valuation of Self Storage FacilitiesValuation Guidance Papers - Specific Property Types
23 November 2016
Valuation of Accommodation HotelsValuation Guidance Papers - Specific Property Types
30 November 2016
Market Value of Rural and Agribusiness PropertiesValuation Guidance Papers - Specific Property Types
27 April 2017
Disclaimer Clauses and Qualification StatementsProperty Guidance Papers - General
1 August 2006
Acting as an Expert WitnessProperty Guidance Papers - GeneralANZRPTIP 1
1 July 2015
Acting as an Expert Witness Resource PackProperty Guidance Papers - General
ANZRPTIP 1 RP1 July 2015
Property AdvisorsProperty Guidance Papers - General
1 July 2015
Property Advisors Resource PackProperty Guidance Papers - General
ANZRPTIP 2 RP1 March 2015
Methods of MeasurementProperty Guidance Papers - General
1 April 2020
Due DiligenceProperty Guidance Papers - General
1 August 2006
Property Research GuidelinesProperty Guidance Papers - GeneralANZRPTIP 6
9 February 2018
Leasing Agent ServicesProperty Guidance Papers - General
1 July 2019
Land Contamination IssuesProperty Guidance Papers - Specific Purposes
1 August 2006
Native Title IssuesProperty Guidance Papers - Specific Purposes
1 August 2006
Development ManagementProperty Guidance Papers - Specific PurposesANZRPTIP 4
1 July 2015
Feasibility StudiesProperty Guidance Papers - Specific Purposes
1 August 2006
Preparing a Property for SaleProperty Guidance Papers - Specific Purposes
1 July 2017
Property Insurance ManagementProperty Guidance Papers - Specific Purposes
1 August 2006


Previous Versions of TIPs and GNs

To access previous papers (TIPs and GNs) published by the API, please contact the API Standards Team on