The API sets and maintains the highest standards of professional practice, Code of Ethics, education and professional conduct for Members.  We are committed to upholding and lifting the qualities of integrity, experience, competency, professionalism and specialist expertise of API Members.

Professional standards include, but are not limited to, Guidance Notes and Papers, Technical Information Papers and Standards Updates on a variety of valuation and property-specific topics.

Our professional standards are informed by a specialist group of industry experts who form the API Standards Steering Committee.


Consumer Protection

API’s professional standards provide transparency and public accountability. Our Members are held accountable to the principles and rules set out within the Codes.  These Codes cover professional conduct and behaviours of Members as well as the obligations regarding continuing professional development.

The API assists Members to provide high-quality professional services, relevant to the current and changing needs of clients and the community. The privileges accorded to professional persons by the community are accompanied by responsibilities which need to be met.

Codes and International Standards

The API Codes set our expectations of professional conduct and behaviour for API Members in their everyday professional practice.

API Valuer Members are also required to comply with: