Company Name data plays a vital part in the information we collect, particularly for API Members

As there are many variations as to how a Company Name is presented (e.g. ABC Pty Ltd as opposed to ABC P/L) the ability to change your own Company Name has been disabled.

To change the name of your employer or Company Name please complete the form below and the API staff will complete the update for you.


Request to change Company Name

Interstate Transfer as an API Member

The API has offices around the country which ensures that Members receive the highest quality service regardless of their location.

API Members are served by their local API office so it is vital that Members advise the API when they move from one state/territory to another.

Please complete the form below to advise the API of your change of state/territory. Members are requested to update their contact details with the API through your Member Portal once the form has been submitted.


Interstate Transfer

  • Enter your new address details below