Launched in 2020, The Australian Property Research and Education Fund (APREF) is a charitable arm of the Australian Property Institute Ltd (API), created to financially support property research, and advance education in the property sector to ensure a thriving future property workforce. 

The Australian Property Research and Education Fund, offers tertiary Education Scholarships and Research Grants, in the form of financial bursaries.  These, secure the future of the valuation profession and provide a course of action for APREF to lead the industry into the future.   


APREF Objectives 

APREF’s purpose is to promote and advance for the benefit of Members, and any of its members, as well as the general public, the areas of education, training, development and Scientific Research in the property industry, including specifically in the fields of land valuation and land economy.

If you are interested in setting up a Named Scholarship, please contact us at [email protected]