Practical Valuation Training – Your pathway to becoming a valuer 

Our Practical Valuation Training program is your pathway to valuation certification. 

Developed by valuation and training experts, the Practical Valuation Training (PVT) program delivers contemporary real-world content that you can apply immediately.  

Practical Valuation Training towards RPV or CPV 

With Practical Valuation Training you are working towards a certification in either Residential Practicing Valuation (RPV) or Certified Practicing Valuation (CPV). Your choice of which certification you are working towards will determine how many PVT modules you need to study but also the type of valuation work you can be employed to undertake. 

Registration Fees

Residential Practicing Valuation (RPV) 

Residential Practicing Valuation is our entry-level certification to becoming a Property Valuer.   

Learning Program for Practical Valuation Training (RPV) consists of 17 modules. 


Member  $1,175  
Non-member  $1,647 


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Please note:  

Anyone conducting residential mortgage valuations utilising PropertyPRO must complete the current Australian Banking and Finance Industry Residential Valuation Standing Instructions Module. This must be completed prior to commencing work but is not a requirement of your API membership application. 

Certified Practicing Valuation (CPV) 

Certified Practicing Valuation (CPV) qualifies you to perform valuation of real property.   

Learning Program for Practical Valuation Training (CPV) consists of 21 modules + 2 electives  

Member  $1,611  
Non-member  $2,214 

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PVT Modules

Compulsory Modules 
  1. API Ethics & Rules Module 
  2. International Valuation Standards Training Module 
  3. Fundamentals of Risk Management 
  4. Risk Management Module Online 
  5. API Complaints and Discipline  
  6. Introduction to Professional Standards 

Eligible to apply for Certified Practicing Valuer (CPV) P&M

Modules for RPV or CPV pathway
  1. Admissions Module – Select from RPV or CPV
  2. Communication in the Workplace   
  3. Professional Networking  
  4. Report Writing Fundamentals  
  5. Data Collection 
  6. Financial Data Interpretation and Recording  
  7. Financial Modelling to Assist Valuation Methodologies  
  8. Residential Building Inspection  
  9. Recording and Measurement  
  10. Approaches to Insurance Assessments 
  11. Compulsory Acquisition Fundamentals 

Eligible to apply for Residential Practicing Valuer (RPV)

CPV Modules only
  1. Land Use, Planning and Development
  2. Leasing Essentials 
  3. Due Diligence Concepts 
  4. Technology and Innovation in Valuation 
CPV Elective Modules
  • Fundamentals of Commercial Valuation 
  • GST for Property Transactions 
  • High Value Residential Valuation 

Eligible to apply for Certified Practicing Valuer (CPV)

Recognition of Prior Learning 

For those who have been working in valuation roles for more than 5 years and can demonstrate valuation experience, you will be eligible for Recognition of Prior Learning and are only required to complete a reduced number of Modules, as follows:

Compulsory Modules 
  1. API Ethics and Rules Module
  2. International Valuation Standards Training Module  
  3. Fundamentals of Risk Management  
  4. Risk Management Module Online  
  5. API Complaints and Discipline   
  6. Introduction to Professional Standards  
  1. Admissions Module for CPV 
  2. Financial Data Interpretation and Reporting  
  3. Recording and Measurement   
  4. Approaches to Insurance Assessments  
  5. Due Diligence Concepts   
Select two Electives
  • Fundamentals of Commercial Valuation  
  • GST for Property Transactions  
  • High Value Residential Valuation