We run a number of consultative committees made up of expert industry professionals. This helps us ensure we remain firmly connected to industry and are able to respond to issues arising in the sector. Our committees are specifically designed to ensure we meet the diverse needs of our Members across a broad range of functions. Participation in committees is strongly encouraged and is a great way to help shape the industry and grow your leadership skills.

A charter governs each committee and stipulates the roles and responsibilities of various committee positions, as well as the duties of API staff in supporting our committees. It also outlines the committee terms and regular election cycles.

We hold periodic nominations which are open to all Members to sit on our committees, and we actively invite you to participate. Committee Members are chosen due to their suitability in meeting a range of criteria. If you would like to get involved, we would love to hear from you. Simply provide an expression of interest via our online form below.

State Committees

Our State Committees help shape our advocacy agenda and provide critical advice and insight into issues arising in the industry.

YPP Committees

Our YPP Committees are the voice of the newest Members of our industry helping inform the professional and social development of our Young Property Professionals.

CPD Committees

Our CPD Committee work with the API to develop the broad range of professional education events, webinars and programs we run and ensure we are continuing to meet our Members professional needs.

Standards Committee

Our Standards Committee is an expert committee who assist us in developing and maintaining our exceptional industry standards and ensuring our Members continue to deliver at the highest professional standards.

National Education Committee

Our National Education Committee informs and develops the educational priorities for the year at a national level assisting with the creation of online courses, webinars and specialist certificates.

APREF Research Committee

The role of the APREF Research Committee is to facilitate the undertaking of scientific research in the property industry, specifically in the fields of valuation and land economy.

APREF Education Committee

The role of the APREF Education Committee is to guide the award of scholarships, bursaries and prizes for the purpose of advancing education, training and development activities that relate to valuation and land economy.

Committee Member Expression of Interest Form

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