The complaints procedure is a disciplinary process, by which the API regulates the conduct of its members.

API members are expected to abide by the Constitution, Code of Professional Conduct and Valuation and Property Standards.

Any person who believes a member has not complied with the API’s Constitution, Valuation and Property Standards or the Code of Professional or who is aggrieved by the conduct of an API member may lodge a formal complaint with the API.

The complaints process offers a means of redress for complaints about API members, however before a complaint is lodged with the API it is expected that the complainant gives the member an opportunity to address the conduct subject to complaint.

Once a complaint has been lodged with the API a diligent investigation will be undertaken, following which a report will be prepared and submitted to the Complaints Committee who will ultimately determine the outcome of the complaint.

If a member is determined to be guilty of professional misconduct they will be sanctioned accordingly.

It is not the role of the API to regulate participants in the property industry, to determine negligence or to decide upon the accuracy of a valuation.

Furthermore, the complaints process has no authority to request a member either amend a valuation, refund fees or provide any form of monetary compensation to the Complainant.


Complaints Policy

The Complaints Policy provides the framework in which the API exercises its duties when processing a complaint, before lodging a complaint please consider the Complaints Policy, paying specific attention to when a member is considered guilty of professional misconduct (section 2) and the reasons as to why a complaint may be dismissed without being investigated (section 6).

To submit a complaint to the API please complete the Complaints Form, ensuring that you;

  1. Provide as much information regarding the conduct subject to complaint.
  2. Identify the alleged breaches of the Code of Professional Conduct and/or the Australia and New Zealand Valuation and Property Standards.
  3. Articulate why you consider the member may have breached the Code of Professional Conduct and/or Australia and New Zealand Valuation and Property Standards.
  4. Provide the requested consent agreeing your identify can be revealed to the Member.
  5. Supply a copy of the valuation report and any additional evidence to support the alleged breaches.


The completed Complaints Form and supporting evidence should be addressed to:

The Complaints Officer
Australian Property Institute
PO Box 26


Additional Information

Please note, the API does not have jurisdiction over legal or governmental matters and may not investigate complaints where legislated avenues of redress should be/are being pursued, nor can the API overturn any outcomes of legislated avenues of redress.

If the conduct complained about is subject to current proceedings before a Court or State licensing body, the API investigation must be suspended pending the outcome of those proceedings and any appeal of those proceedings.

Should you have any queries regarding this complaints process please don’t hesitate to Get in Touch or write to the Complaints Team.