Motivated from Member and employer feedback, API are exploring the introduction of a new Professional pathway – Certified Practising Valuer (Residential).

Feedback gathered from the market indicated that RPVs would prefer to hone their skills in residential property and gain the same autonomy as a CPV when valuing residential property, without having to reskill in commercial valuations and undergoing the API CPV admission process.

Lenders also advised there is a capacity issue in the industry regarding the lack of residential valuers to conduct the volume of residential valuations, which has led to API actively creating a new professional pathway.

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The Pilot

To validate and ensure the new pathway is streamlined, API are activating a Pilot program. The pilot is to evaluate the experience for candidates and assessors, the acceptance of the certification by lenders and LMIs, through ValEx (owned by CoreLogic) and the smooth running of the admissions process from application to successful certifying the candidate. If the pilot is successful, then we can proceed to a full program launch in 2024.

Pilot Candidate Selection

The pilot candidates chosen, are those who want CPV status and intend to undertake CPV.  These candidates have been invited to test the new accreditation, CPV (Residential) certification.

Next steps

Following the pilot program, API will inform members of the outcome and the next steps.


Interested in this Certification?

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