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Rural Valuations
($156 inc GST)

Australia is at a significant turning point – perhaps of greater importance than milestones of the past, like the beginning of World War I and World War II, and the time when the very nature of rural society and land ownership use patterns changed inexorably in the early 1970s. 

Rural Valuation enables the reader to understand the nature of property, its qualities, its problems and its market – who is selling, who is buying why they do so and how the agreed selling price is obtained.  Read about and get a clear appreciation of the factors that affect rural production – productive capacity enters the equation.

‘Art’ or ‘Science’? This book is a must-have reference for property investors, lawyers, rural advisors, farmers, graziers and students of valuation to dispel misconceptions and reinforce rural valuation as a discipline undertaking. 

The authors – Professor James Baxter and Ralph Cohen, are recipients of the Australian Property Institute’s S.F . Whittington Medal, in recognition of their “meritorious and significant contributions to the Valuation and Land Economy Profession” 

Foreword by David Moore.

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