Associate Membership recognises your academic qualifications and industry experience.

Open to those who have completed an API accredited course and who have at least two years’ experience within the past four years, Associate Members may use AAPI post-nominals and have full access to member benefits and voting rights at state and national level.

If you don’t yet have the required experience, you can apply for a MAPI Membership whilst you obtain the experience and then apply to become an Associate Member. 

To view or download the CPV and RPV admissions process, click here.



All fees include GST however a transaction fee may be applied.

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  • Use of AAPI post-nominals indicating your level of experience and dedication to the profession
  • Access Member-only news, information, resources, and rewards
  • Discount Member rates at all applicable events, courses, and webinars
  • Get listed on our Find a Property Professional directory
  • Voting rights at State and National level
  • Ability to apply for a range of Certifications
  • Ability to participate in special interest groups, working groups, and committees
  • Unique opportunities to network and build relationships with property professionals and industry leaders

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With close to 7,000 members the API provides leadership, education, resources and services to the property industry.

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Admission Information

Associate (CPV) Eligibility 

  • Must have completed an  API accredited course for CPV 
  • Must have completed all  API Practical Valuation Training requirements 
  • Must have completed the API Admissions module to the required level 
  • Must have accrued a minimum of two years’ experience in real property valuation the past four years 

Application Process 

Payment of $160 application fee prior to assessment.

Online application including: 

Details of the application timeline and process can be found here.

Membership is active once the application has been completed in full, approved and the fee paid. 

Other Certifications

Full details on other certifications that are available in conjunction with Associate membership can be found here. 

Ongoing Requirements

Ongoing requirements of Associate Membership include the payment of annual fee as well as maintaining compliance with the CPD Policy (CPD Rules & requirements).

Additional Information

How long is the process?

Depending on the certification, applications for the Associate Membership can take approximately three months to complete, including the professional interview process.

Membership Progression

If you are hoping to progress to a higher level of membership in the future please check the eligibility requirements of that membership. You may be eligible to complete a certification in conjunction with your AAPI membership, further details availability on our Certifications page.

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