Who is it for?

A Certified Practising Valuer is a person who, by education, training and experience is qualified to perform a valuation of real property.  Learn more about Certified Practising Valuers.

Certified Practising Valuer must be applied for in conjunction with Associate Membership.  All applicants for Associate Membership with Certified Practising Valuer are required to meet the API’s Educational and Experience requirements and provide work samples for review and sit a professional interview.



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What does a CPV certification enable?

A CPV certification comes with the AAPI CPV post nominals and enables you to work as a property valuer. Holding a CPV certification will unlock a range of professional opportunities and is recognised by all major financial institutions as a requirement to access valuation work.

Education Pathway

  1. Graduate from an API Accredited Degree
  2. Enrol and Commence the Future Property Professionals program
  3. Complete and pass modules over an 8-12 month period whilst working
  4. Enter interview process
  5. Award of CPV Certification


Admission Requirements

  • You must be an API Member
  • You must have completed an API Accredited Degree
  • Experience requirements  of 2 years within past 4 years

Where can Valuation take me?

Property Valuation underpins a lot of other major areas of property. It is the cornerstone of every company’s balance sheet and provides certainty in the transacting of property. A solid background of valuation will give you keen insights into every facet of the property market and can help you unlock a world of property.


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