Who is it for?

A Certified Practicing Valuer is a person who, by education, training and experience, is qualified to perform a valuation of real property. Learn more about Certified Practising Valuers.

The Certified Practicing Valuer Certification must be applied for in conjunction with Associate Membership. All applicants for Associate Membership with Certified Practicing Valuer are required to meet the API’s Educational and Experience requirements, provide reports for review, and sit a professional interview.

To view or download the CPV and RPV admissions process, click here.



All fees include GST however a transaction fee may be applied.

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What does a CPV certification enable?

A CPV certification comes with the AAPI CPV post nominals and enables you to work as a property valuer. Holding a CPV certification will unlock a range of professional opportunities and is recognised by all major financial institutions as a pre-requisite to access valuation work.


Application Process

Payment of $160 application fee prior to assessment.

Online application including:

Membership is active once the application has been completed in full, approved and the fee paid.

Please note: The National Admissions Process (CPV/RPV) is now a part of the Practical Valuation Training (PVT) courses for both CPV and RPV. Please be advised that the course is included in PVT courses purchased from 1 January 2022 onwards, but will need to be purchased as a separate module if PVT was purchased in 2021.

Where can Valuation take me?

Property Valuation underpins the property industry, facilitating property transactions, development and finance. Valuations form the cornerstone of every company’s balance sheet and provide certainty for the property industry. A career in valuation will prepare you for an exciting career in property.

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