About Us

Leading the industry, we set and maintain the highest standards of professional practice, education, ethics and professional conduct for our members. As a result, the work of the API raises the bar for the entire property profession. 

Representing a wide range of property professionals, we advocate for our members with a range of stakeholders, providing the professional recognition each member deserves. In turn, all members of the API are highly qualified, highly skilled professionals with up-to-date professional development and experience. 

Our members can be found across all sectors of the property profession – in private practice and in the public sector. This broad base of qualified and skilled professionals is unique to the API as we are dedicated to expanding the expertise and knowledge of our members, building a strong base for the future of the property profession. If you are currently looking to get in contact with a property professional, you’ll most likely find them on our Find a Property Professional site! 

As we represent a wide range of industry sectors, the API does not act as a lobby group. We strive to provide impartial, objective and independent advice that is sought after by a wide range of organisations – including all levels of government.


A brief history

Originally founded in 1926 as the Commonwealth Institute of Valuers, a small group of professionals saw the need for an organisation that would set and maintain the highest standards of skill, behavior and practice. Through their determination and vision, the Australian Property Institute (API) was born and is now a leading professional membership organisation for property professionals who develops and supports members to advise the community and business. 

In 2015, the API undertook its largest structural review in the then 89-year history. The result? An organisation re-focused on providing the best services to our members and key stakeholders. Administrative processes were streamlined to allow the API to place additional resources into Professional Standards, Advocacy and Discipline. 

  • 1926 Founded & 1st division established
  • 1963 First Convention
  • 1944 First Female Member
  • 1990 Name Changes from Australian Institute of Valuers & Land Economists
  • 2015 API becomes a unified National Institute


To be the leading and contemporary organisation for property professionals in Australia 


  • To lead and partner our members in advancing property education, research, practice and services to improve outcomes for business. 
  • To develop and empower our members to achieve meaningful careers. 
  • To be an effective and proactive voice on property. 
  • To strengthen and support our members by facilitating a collegiate environment for our members to interact in and build professional relationships. 

Strategic Goals

  1. Ensure there is an effective property profession in Australia 
  2. Lead the profession and position it for the future 
  3. Build the professions capability and excellence
  4. Ensure a strong and stable organisation