Professional Misconduct

The API prides itself in its robust and equitable processing system in which it handles professional misconduct matters arising from its Members. The API Professional Conduct framework is designed to ensure all issues of concern relating to API Members are handled fairly, efficiently and effectively whilst analysing such data to mitigate recidivism which in turn will afford consumer protection. The API Professional Conduct Policy is recognised by the Professional Standards Councils and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

An API Member may be found guilty of professional misconduct if:

  • they commit a breach of the Rules of Professional Conduct
  • they are found guilty by a court of law of a criminal offence which is punishable by imprisonment and the Board of the API (the Board) determines that their offence and the penalty imposed detrimentally impacts or has the potential to detrimentally impact the good name and reputation of the API;
  • they engage in conduct that is dishonest or fraudulent;
  • they engage in conduct which is prejudicial to the good name and reputation of the API; or
  • they obtained admission to the API by improper means.


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