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Did you know?

Property professionals underpin the largest industry sector in Australia, employing more than 1.4 million Australians and contributing more than $200 billion to the national economy.

Get an edge in this competitive landscape with an API Membership. API Members are recognised as industry leaders meeting the highest levels of professional expertise and standards. Our Memberships will help you tap into a network of thousands of property professionals giving you the tools and access to further your property career.


Become an API Member

Why Join?

API Members are the go-to industry professionals, with many financial institutions requiring API certifications to practice. Being a Member not only enables you access to lucrative employment opportunities, but also offers you discount professional development throughout your career. With a wide range of industry-recognised certifications to choose from, we can help you no matter where in property you want to take your career!

Our Pathways…

Our membership pathways are easy to navigate and align with supported educational pathways to help you grow as you move through your property career.


It all begins with Membership, start your journey today and boost your career.


Build your knowledge and skills to unlock the next exciting step in your career.


Mix and match which certification best suits your career goals. We have options for everyone.


With the hard work behind you, you can proudly add your post nominals to your name and show off your skills.


If you like to go the extra mile, now is the time to look at our Specialist Certificate Courses  which will help you hone your skills and become a specialist expert.

Member Benefits

In addition to industry recognition and access to our network of industry experts our Members enjoy the following benefits.

Stand Out

Get noticed first with our industry-recognised post-nominals, which help employers quickly identify you as an API Member and any certifications you hold.


Our Members enjoy a high standard of service, with each Member having a dedicated Member Services Manager to call on for assistance with any of their membership needs.

Standards and Education

Our Standards and Education team ensures our Members’ skills and knowledge meets the highest industry standards and support members to reach their career goals.

Products and Services

We also have a wide range of products and services to help our Members throughout their career and in their everyday practice.


Our Limited Liability Scheme, the first of its kind for property professionals in Australia helps protect Members so they can rest easy knowing that their professional and financial security is protected. Our recently introduced Low Risk Scheme Amendment demonstrates our commitment to innovation and Member interests.

Membership Rewards

As a Member of the API, you are entitled to receive multiple benefits from a variety of affiliated brands.