Who is it for?

Provisional Membership with Residential Property Valuer (RPV) is open to those who have completed an API accredited course and who have 12 months’ residential property valuation experience within the past 24 months. If you don’t yet have the required experience you can apply for MAPI Membership.




All fees include GST

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What does an RPV Certification enable?

Provisional Members who have successfully gained the RPV designation can undertake valuations of residential properties in accordance with the API Code of Conduct and Rules for Valuers.


Application Process

Online application including:

  • Full completion of profile
  • Upload all required documentation
  • Completion of Member declaration
  • Completion of API report review and professional interview process

Membership is active once application has been completed in full, approved and the fee paid.

Where can Valuation take me?

Property Valuation underpins the property industry, facilitating property transactions, development and finance. Valuations form the cornerstone of every company’s balance sheet and provides certainty for the property industry. A career in valuation will prepare you for an exciting career in property.

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