Maintaining the highest professional standards

To ensure that all of our Members are maintaining the highest possible professional standards, we release compulsory modules that must be completed on a prescribed basis.

For more information on each module, check out our Specialisation page.

Ethics and Rules Module 2023

The API Ethics and Rules Module provides Members with the most current information on ethical practice and professional conduct within the sector. This training module assists members to implement the principles of the API Code of Ethics (CoE) into their professional practice, supporting Members in addressing their professional Member obligations in the Rules of Professional Conduct (Rules).

All Members (with the exclusion of StudentRetired and Connect Members) will be required to complete an Ethics module before 31 Dec each year to meet their CPD Obligations.


Risk Management Module 2023

In 2003, API released our first Risk Management Module as a collective way to manage professional risk and ensure access to Professional Indemnity (PI) Insurance.

All API Certified Practising Valuer (CPV) and Residential Property Valuer (RPV) Members must hold a current RMM Certificate and complete an updated module annually.


International Valuation Standards Training Module

The API adopted the IVS in full in 2007 and API valuer Members have a mandatory compliance requirement in relation to the standards.

To ensure that our Members are meeting their compliance obligations and have fully absorbed the requirements of any changes to the standards, we release a mandatory training module whenever there are any updates to the standards.


Residential Valuation Standing Instructions V4

All API Members who undertake residential mortgage valuations using the PropertyPRO report format must complete the Residential Valuation Standing Instructions Training Module. The Residential Valuation Industry Group periodically releases updates to the Standing Instructions and in response, the API develops and releases a new version of the module, which must be completed by our residential valuer Members.