Rules of Professional Conduct

The current API Rules of Professional Conduct (Rules) are effective from 31 March 2024. A copy is available for downloading at the link below.

Current Rules of Professional Conduct (eff.31 March 2024)

The Rules provide the framework for the professional conduct of Members and set the minimum requirements for members providing professional services.  They provide assistance and clarification to Members and those who interact with and engage the professional services of API Members.

The whole of the Rules must be read and be applied in the context in which they are written.  Individual paragraphs, sentences, or parts of the rules must not be read and/or applied in isolation.

All API Members undertaking professional services are reminded that they must comply with the Rules applicable to them.

Members must be fully conversant with all the Rules applicable to their membership category and certification(s) held.  An allegation of a breach of the Rules, after proper investigation and determination by the API Professional Conduct Committee, may be found to constitute professional misconduct.

Previous Versions of API Rules

For access to previous versions of the API Rules (former Codes of Professional Conduct and Rules of Conduct) please contact the API Standards Team on [email protected].