Rules of Professional Conduct

The API Rules of Professional Conduct (Rules) is effective from 4 April 2021.  

The Rules are an interpretation and expansion of the API Code of Ethics, as determined by the Board.  

The purpose of the Rules is to ensure that high standards of professional behaviour are observed by all Members.  

The Rules do not attempt to provide a detailed or exhaustive list of what to do in every situation. Instead, the Rules represent a framework for professional conduct and aims to provide assistance and clarification to Members and those who interact and engage the professional services of Members.  

Rules 1 to 9 applies to all Members, with Rules 10 to 14 also applies to API Valuer Members when undertaking and providing valuation services. 

Every Member of the API must comply with the Rules.  A breach of the Rules may constitute professional misconduct which may be investigated by the API in accordance with the procedures outlined in API policies.  

Current Rules of Professional Conduct


Previous Versions of API Rules

To access previous versions of the API Rules (former Codes of Professional Conduct and Rules of Conduct) please contact the API Standards Team on [email protected]