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For those who are on parental leave from employment but want to stay in touch and up-to-date with industry information. The Parental Leave membership is the API’s membership level for those that are taking time away and will be seeking to return to the profession within 6 years.

This option is only available as a transfer from an existing membership.



All fees include GST however a transaction fee may be applied.

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  • Retention of API Postnominals  
  • Stay Connected with the property industry
  • Access Member-only news, information, resources and rewards 
  • Discount Member rates at all applicable events, courses or webinars 
  • Unique opportunities to network and retain relationships with your peers 
  • Complimentary annual Risk Management Module 
  • Complimentary annual Ethics Module
  • Adjusted re-admission process 

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With close to 7,000 Members, the API provides leadership, education, resources and services to the property industry. 

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Admission Information


  • This level of membership is available only to those who are current financial API Members.
  • Member to be taking Parental Leave from employment. Parental leave is leave that can be taken when a person gives birth, their spouse or de facto partner gives birth, or they adopt a child under 16 years of age.
  • Maximum time able to retain parental leave membership is 6 consecutive years. 



  • Continued membership of this category requires payment of an annual fee as prescribed by API
  • Completion of the annual Risk Management Module 


Application Process 

Online application within Member portal including: 

Membership is active once the application has been completed in full, approved and the fee paid. 



Additional Information

Membership Progression 

Should you wish to be re-admitted to your prior Membership level, please be sure to review our re-admission requirements.

Your continuity of former level of membership will restart when re-admitted, API will provide confirmation of former years of service upon request.


How long is the process? 

Parental Leave Membership Applications take approximately 5 business days to process once all information has been received. 

Upon approval, we will send you confirmation of your Membership change. 

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With close to 7,000 Members the API provides leadership, education, resources and services to the property industry. 

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