The Career Steps Program is a suite of resources for early career property professionals.

Created by API Young Property Professionals (YPP), the resources are designed to help career decisions, personal capabilities and resilience in the first phase of your property career. The program supports early career property professionals with helpful tips and advice from experienced professionals sharing their experiences and advice to aid you in determining your own pathway through the first few years of your property career.

Theme 1: Finding your place 

In Theme 1 we cover the following topics:  

  • Types of roles 
  • Companies 
  • Specialisations 
  • Work/Life balance 
  • Growth and challenging yourself 
  • Other career options 
  • Mentors 

Theme 1: Finding your Place


Theme 2: Personal Capabilities 

In Theme 2, we cover the following topics:  

  • Adaptive mindset 
  • Collaboration and Relationships 
  • Regard for others 
  • Ethics and Professional Conduct 
  • Critical Thinking and Judgement 
  • Client focus 

Theme 2: Personal Capabilities