About the State Committees

Each State Committee is made up of a maximum of nine Members serving in two-year terms with a maximum of four consecutive terms. Committee members advise across a range of areas of expertise, including Government, Commercial, Residential, Industrial, Regional, and Retail segments of the property market. The Young Property Professionals (YPP) Committee chair also forms part of the committee providing insight and advice into the activities of the YPP portions of the membership.

Australian Capital Territory

Marcia Bowden

State Chair

Calvin Rogers

Amanda Galvin

Miles Fordham

Martin Elliott

Daniel Woodward

Marcus Hon

Maree Harman

Natalia Guzman

Steven Protopopoff

New South Wales

Darren Austin

State Chair

Andrew Cash

YPP Representative

Talia Powell

YPP Representative

Katrina Lukac

Kylie Pryse-Jones

Andrew Graham

Karen Bates

Brett Baxter

Chris Attenborough

Chris Mitrothanasis

John Ewing

John Sheehan

Ken Rayner

Tony Mangioni

Tony St Leon

Wal Dobrow


Damian Dalton

State Chair

Daniel Nguyen

YPP Representative

Michelle Baumann

YPP Representative

Nicole Yip

Illan Samuel

Byron Nichols

Michael McNulty

Rishikesh Elkunchwar

Stephen Davey


Victoria Gracie

State Chair

Jack Sullivan

YPP Representative

Aleisha Brookes

Caroline Kelsey

Amanda Reed

Annette Smith

Cameron Hurman

South Australia

Thomas Rowe

State Chair

Ellen Newberry

YPP Representative

Patrick McCarthy


Allan Romaniuk

Lani Rogers

Mark Kay

Western Australia

Patrick Lilburne

State Chair

Dennis Volk

Jess Ayerst

YPP Chair

Kate Bingham

Mike Rowe

Matthew Murphy

Matthew Garmony

Rowan Hemsley


Joshua Perry

State Chair

Ben Sully

Craig Sullivan

Kim Quick

Tamara Neilsen

Tamsin Quayle

Ty Winduss

Northern Territory

Will Johnson

State Chair

Dario Codina

Jeremy Lum

Ross Copland