The API is pleased to confirm that Robert Hecek, LFAPI and Chair of the APIV Scheme has been appointed as the President-Elect of the World Association of Valuation Organisations (WAVO).  Rob, a former national president of the API will become President of WAVO at its upcoming AGM in Singapore June 2024.

The International Valuation Standards Council has now admitted WAVO as a full member and recently announced that Robert Hecek has been appointed to its Advisory Forum Working Group (AFWG).  The API has been a member of WAVO since its formation in 2004 and chaired the AFWG since 2012.

API CEO Amelia Hodge states: “This terrific news is the result of years of strategic engagement and advocacy, with many key people playing a role fostering global relationships for the benefit of the profession.  The collaboration between our key stakeholders will continue to advance and evolve ethical practice, professional standards and continuing professional development.  This is important to meet the challenges and opportunities presented by a global network, career and client base that becomes increasingly intertwined and accessible.”

We are looking forward to working closely with Rob in his new role on WAVO’s Global Education Portal, which will see API contribute its globally recognised professional development and education content, in this model, potentially a first for any profession.’

The API congratulates Rob on this appointment and acknowledges that Rob is a long term contributor to the API, affectionally known internally as our ‘Bronze Statue’.  The API shall continue to support Rob as he contributes his time, knowledge and skills to advance the property profession, nationally and globally.

We congratulate and honour Adrian Crivii the outgoing President of WAVO and the National Association of Romanian Valuers (ANEVAR) on his successful tenure and appreciate our collaboration with him on many important global profession matters.

WAVO is an independent private sector organisation that brings together global valuation professional organisations (VPO’s) across the property, valuation, accounting and business professions.