We have received important feedback from Revenue NSW in relation to providing comprehensive evidence to support the market value for Valuations undertaken for the purposes of stamp duty (transfer duty).   

Valuations submitted to Revenue NSW for stamp duty (transfer duty) purposes must use comprehensive evidence to accurately reflect the full market value.   Click here to read the Revenue NSW website for the evidence of value requirements and guidelines.    

Rule 11 of the API’s Rules of Professional Conduct, sets out the criteria for undertaking a valuation and Rule 11.5(b) states “obtain, compile, and appropriately verify sufficient relevant facts and data to ensure the Valuer can conclude all reasoning and analysis to allow that Valuer to reach an opinion of value”  

Common issues encountered by Revenue NSW, when reviewed valuation reports: 

  • inappropriate selection of comparable assets for valuation purposes; 
  • insufficient justification for size, risk, and other adjustments applied to the chosen discount rate or capitalisation rate.  

Any questions, please contact [email protected].