API is introducing a new way to access and engage with your professional development

This coming July we are implementing a new Learning Platform designed with simplicity and ease-of-use in mind. 

The new Learning Platform was born from your feedback that our current technology is cumbersome to navigate and to eradicate these frustrations we are implementing a new improved way to search, digest, track and record your learning journey.

In the lead up to the changeover of platforms, we encourage all Members to take a moment to check where you are up to in your learning journey. Do you have any open or part-completed courses, modules or webinars?  If so, we recommend aiming to complete all open or started courses, modules or webinars before the end of June.

Learn more about our:

Learning Platform


  1. Log into your current API learning dashboard, accessed through your Member portal credentials
  2. Scroll down to review your open Courses
  3. Make a plan to complete all Courses marked “Resume” by 30 June
  4. After completing all your course work, safeguard your learnings by taking a screenshot of your progress and accomplishments
  5. Give yourself a pat on the back for completing all your purchased professional development by end of financial year!

Stay tuned for more communication about transitioning to our new Learning Platform, including how-to videos and more!