The Board of Queensland is pleased to announce they have approved an additional pathway to become a Registered Valuer in Queensland called the Certificate of Competence pathway.

Together with the API and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), the Board has determined that it will recognise their assessments of competence through their CPV and Chartered Valuation Surveyor standards. Essentially this means that those applying for these standards through the API and RICS will not need to submit four (4) sample valuation reports or attend an interview with the Board when applying to become a Registered Valuer in Queensland.

Some restrictions do apply, so make sure you check the full information the Valuers Registration Board of Queensland’s website.

Amelia Hodge, CEO, Australian Property Institute commented that “the collaboration between the Valuers Registration Board of Queensland and the Australian Property Institute marks a pivotal moment of change, enhancing the admission pathway for future valuers. The API stands ready to carry forward the legacy of excellence and innovation that defines both our organisations” Mel Rohan, Senior Public Affairs Officer, RICS advised that “RICS is delighted that the Valuers Registration Board of Queensland has chosen to recognise RICS Chartered Valuation Surveyors as part of their Certificate of Competence pathway initiative. We look forward to working closely with the Board as the scheme is introduced and helping to make it a success.”

Full information regarding the Certificate of Competence pathway, along with the other application pathways, can be found here.