The API continues to review its standards documents to ensure they meet the changing and future needs of Members. 

The API in conjunction with a group of subject matter experts with an interest in carbon farming projects, (including valuers, experts at the Carbon Market Institute, agribusiness consultants and lenders) are pleased to release a new API guidance paper on the topic of carbon farming projects. 

The API issued an exposure draft paper for consultation between 4 October 2023 and 3 November 2023. 

The feedback and comments received during the consultation period were reviewed and considered by the technical drafting group and a final paper has been released with an effective date of 1 July 2024. The API encourages and permits earlier adoption. 

The purpose of this guidance paper is to provide information and guidance to API Members including Valuers in relation to carbon farming projects. 

As with all new guidance relating to new and evolving asset classes, we anticipate that this guidance paper will require updating over time. 

The guidance paper AVGP306 Carbon Farming Projects is available here. 

Any queries please contact the standards teams at [email protected].