Research Grants

APREF is pleased to support academic research exploring topics critical to The Australian Property Industry.

Following feedback from the API Membership, the APREF Research Committee and the wider property profession, each year APREF releases four defined research topics for Australian researchers to apply for research grants (up to $20,000). Applications are open now.

  • Topic 1: Future proofing property professionals – How can industry bodies and education providers support property professionals to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively utilise emerging property technology tools, including AI?
  • Topic 2: Unlocking the ‘S’ in ESG – How can we unlock and prioritise the “S” dimension within ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance)? You may wish to use a tool such as THE 17 GOALS | Sustainable Development ( or similar to define the “S” dimension within your research.
  • Topic 3: AI and Ethics in the Property Profession – In what ways do technological advancements and /or AI pose challenges to ethical standards and requirements within the property profession?
  • Topics 4: Emerging Asset Types and Valuation – What risks are associated with emerging asset types, and how can we navigate the risks from a valuation perspective?

Applications close Friday 30 August. Apply now!

For any enquiries please contact [email protected].


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Announcing our APREF Research Grant winners

Thanks to all participants who submitted research topics for consideration.  APREF are proud to announce our two new Research Grant winners:

1. RMIT University

Congratulations Dr Neville Hurst and Dr Dulani Halvitigala from RMIT on being awarded an APREF research grant for “Developing a toolkit to estimate the value implications of sustainable characteristics on residential property valuations”.

2. Curtin University

Congratulations to Amity James and the Curtin Research team on being awarded an APREF research grant for “Industry-ready property graduates – A critical skills pulse check for Australian Universities”.

We look forward to viewing your Research results in the coming year.

For any enquiries, please contact APREF.

Past Awardees - Research Grants 2022
  • University of NSW (Associate Professor Chyi Lin Lee) Future Workforce for the Property Industry – Are We Ready for the Change?
Past Awardees - Research Grants 2021
  • Deakin University Housing market resilience in Australia: 2000 – 2021
  • RMIT Towards more inclusive equality and diversity for the Australian valuation industry
  • University of New South Wales and University of South Australia Towards understanding the dynamics of the regional property markets of Australia: Spatio-temporal analysis, predictive modelling, and visualising of sales in regional SA and NSW
Past Awardees - Research Grants 2020
  • QUT Big Visual Data Analysis using Artificial Intelligence for Mass Valuation of Residential Properties in Australia
  • QUT and University of Melbourne Valuation @ Risk
  • University of Melbourne Urban densification through private land assembling in inner and middle suburbs for decentralised mixed/single-use build to rent development
  • RMIT Black Swan Events, Quantitative Easing and the Australian Residential Property Market


The Australian Property Research and Education Fund offers tertiary education scholarships to support students in accessing and completing their desired property economic and valuation degrees.


The Peter Barrington Gold Medal Award encourages research and excellence in the study of land economy.