Cladding on Buildings

This Valuation Protocol was prepared in response to requests from both valuers and the lending industry to provide clarity and guidance on the reporting of ‘cladding’ on buildings to ensure a consistent approach across the industry to enable the users of the valuation reports to make informed decisions or undertake further investigations into identified issues.

While the papers prepared relate to mortgage security valuations of residential units/apartments in medium or high-rise apartment buildings/developments (that is, above three (3) stories) for banks/lenders, the general principles outlined also apply to non-mortgage valuations of both residential apartment buildings/developments and high rise non-residential properties where ‘cladding’ is utilised on the exterior of the building.

The following are the Valuation Protocols published by the API in reserve date order.

TitleEffective DateWithdrawn Date
Valuation Protocol - Cladding on Buildings3 September 2021 
Valuation Protocol - Cladding on Buildings1 May 20192 September 2021
Valuation Protocols - Cladding on Buildings (amended 10 October 2018)10 October 201831 April 2019
Valuation Protocol - Cladding on Buildings (amended 27 June 2018)27 June 20189 October 2018
Valuation Protocol - Cladding on Buildings (amended 30 March 2018)30 May 201826 June 2018
Standards Update - 'Cladding' Issues29 November 201729 March 2018