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Recognised as our most senior leaders within the property industry and experts in their area of specialisation, Life Fellow Members have rendered exceptional and conspicuous service to the API and to the broader property profession. Life Fellow Membership is conferred by the API Board following nomination by your peers.


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Life Fellowship is conferred upon a recommendation to the API Board and adopted by a formal Board resolution.

Life Fellowship is awarded for exceptional contribution to the API, leadership within the profession and a measurable positive impact upon the profession and the career development of other members of the API.

The criteria for assessment are:

  • The Member has been a Fellow of the API for a minimum of 10 consecutive years
  • The Member has rendered exceptional and conspicuous service to the API
  • The Member is recognised as a prominent and distinguished leader in the property industry
  • The Member has made a significant and valuable contribution to the property industry

This is the most prestigious honour which the API awards to Members for outstanding service and leadership.

Life Fellows may use the post-nominals LFAPI and have full access to Member benefits and voting rights at State and National Level. Life Fellows may apply for and hold a range of certifications dependant on their experience and specialisation in the industry. Life Fellows who hold certifications may use the certification in addition to the post-nominals, e.g. LFAPI CPV or LFAPI.

How do I nominate a member for Life Fellow?

  • Submit a completed Life Fellow Nomination Form to [email protected] that addresses the criteria in detail and is seconded by another Associate, Fellow or Life Fellow Member, and
  • Provide the details of at least five, but no more than eight, referees capable and willing to provide a reference for the nominee based on the criteria.

How are applications assessed?

Life Fellow applications are assessed by a Board-appointed Committee which makes a recommendation to the Board for final approval.

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How long is the process?

The application process will take approximately three months.

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