Fellow Membership is the most sought-after membership available through an application process

Recognised as leaders within the property industry and experts in their area of specialisation, Fellow Members have made significant contributions to both the API and to the broader property profession.



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  • Recognised as leaders within the property industry
  • FAPI post-nominals
  • Full access to member benefits
  • Voting rights at state and national level
  • Access to Fellow specific events and education
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With close to 8,000 members the API provides leadership, education, resources and services to the property industry.

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Admission requirements


What is the eligibility for Fellow Membership?

Fellow Membership is open to any current Associate Member who meets the following criteria: 

  • Has held an Associate Membership of the API for at least 10 consecutive years immediately prior to the date of application; 
  • Has worked in the property industry for the equivalent of 10 years full-time; and 
  • Has worked in a senior position in the property industry for the equivalent of 5 years full-time.

In addition, applicants must satisfy (with evidence) the following criteria:

  • Has made a significant personal contribution over a reasonable period to the API through serving on a local, state or national committee or working group;
  • Has contributed to the development and dissemination of property knowledge;
  • Has demonstrated leadership in a property discipline; and
  • Has made a substantial contribution to the advancement of the industry and/or property profession.


What must I provide as part of my application?

Applications must include a completed Fellow Application form showing evidence of meeting the requested criteria and three Referee Reports from Fellow Members of the API to whom the applicant is known personally. One of the referees must be a present or past supervisor/manager of the applicant.


What documentation do I need to apply?

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How long is the process?

The application process will take approximately 3 months.

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