Dye & Durham 

With Dye & Durham, you are guaranteed the lowest search prices! 

The API is proud to partner with Dye & Durham to provide its members access to an intuitive, comprehensive and cost-effective searching solution. 

For boutique firms to big businesses, Dye & Durham is a trusted information and technology partner. Dye & Durham offers a comprehensive range of Australian regulatory information for a fraction of the cost without compromising on quality. 


Why search with Dye & Durham? 

  • Widest range of Titles, Plans, Dealings and Legal Searches 
  • Premium customer service 
  • Industry’s best integration
  • Lowest price – guaranteed! 


Dye & Durham solutions to: 

  • Provide access to Australia’s comprehensive range of property and business information. 
  • Utilise our intuitive online portal that allows you to create, renew and manage PPSR registrations in seconds. 
  • Conduct end-to-end digital conveyancing – from VOI technology and services, national property information, electronic contracts, digital signing and a hybrid PEXA and traditional settlement services. 
  • Fulfil verification of identity requirements to help you capture, create and store VOI reports instantly onto one central, secure system. 
  • Use the latest technology to integrate the contract you need into our Title Search and Property Certificates platform and our platform will directly pull relevant documents and auto-populate fields into your contract, saving you time and increasing accuracy. 
  • Distribute contracts and documents electronically for instant signing and automatic return, saving you hours of travel and wait time. 
  • Enjoy award-winning PEXA integration and all the technology tools you need to handle electronic conveyancing. 

Find out more 

For more information, contact us on 1300 730 000 or email  [email protected]