Who is it for?

API Certified Plant and Machinery valuers provide expertise and certainty in conducting appraisals and valuations of plant, equipment and machinery. It is only awarded to applicants who meet the API’s educational and experience requirements.

As Associate Members of the API, CPV(P&M) Members may use the AAPI post nominals and have full access to Member benefits and voting rights at state and national level.

Open to those who have completed the API’s Educational and Experience requirements and provide reports for review and sit a professional interview.



All fees include GST

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To be eligible for this certification, you must have:

Application Process

Online application including:

  • Full completion of API Profile
  • Upload all required documentation
  • Completion of Member Declaration
  • Completion of API report review and professional interview process

Membership is active once application has been completed in full, approved and the fee paid.

Where can Plant & Machinery valuation take me?

Plant & Machinery valuation underpins financial transactions in a range of industries, and forms an important part of corporate balance sheets.

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