What is the purpose of the Report?

The Future of the Property Profession report is a cornerstone of our 2023 strategic plan. It’s a testament to our commitment to providing members with essential insights into the macro factors impacting our industry. These factors are not only reshaping the valuation profession but also other similar professions.

What is the Future of the Property Profession Report?

Our report’s primary goal is to empower our members by preparing them for the seismic changes occurring in the property industry. It’s a valuable resource that outlines the key factors driving change in our profession.

How was the content created?

To ensure objectivity and evidence-based content, we embarked on a comprehensive consultation process across the industry. We engaged with a broad spectrum of stakeholders, from lenders to universities, API members, and government bodies. This involved online surveys, face-to-face Think Tank events, and exhaustive desktop research. These rich discussions and diverse perspectives have shaped the content you’re about to access.

Who is the primary audience?

The primary audience is our API members, but the report holds immense value for all key stakeholders in the property sector. It equips you with the knowledge needed to navigate a rapidly changing property sector and adapt your professional services accordingly.

How does it help me as an API member?

As an API member, this report opens doors to new opportunities. It enables the API to offer expanded educational resources, evolve professional standards, provide strategic advocacy, explore innovative products and services, and review the admission pipeline. All aimed at empowering you to thrive in this dynamic industry.

Is it available to the public and non-members?

Yes, the report is accessible to all and can be downloaded from our website.

When will outcomes be acted on?

With the support of our Project Management Office, the API will actively manage several strategic initiatives outlined in the report to ensure a brighter future for our profession.

How can I, as a member, get involved?

The API values your input and experiences. There will be various opportunities for you to contribute through feedback, member surveys, and targeted working groups throughout the program, helping us shape our strategic initiatives.

Can I collect CPD points by reading the report?

Yes, API members can collect 0.5 CPD points (under Unstructured CPD) by reading the entire report. Simply log into your CPD diary and add it as you normally would.