Frequently Asked Questions about APREF Education Scholarships

How do I know if the degree I have applied for is an API accredited degree?

Please check on the API website for a list of API accredited degrees.

I have applied for my degree but I won’t know if I am accepted or not until after the APREF Education Scholarship closing date, can I still apply for the scholarship?

Yes, you only have to apply to an API accredited degree you don’t have to have an offer yet. If you don’t end up getting an offer or you decline your offer we would offer the scholarship to another applicant.

Is the $30,000 APREF Education scholarship just for tuition or can it be spent on other expenses while I study?

You can use your scholarship to support your study, so it can go to accommodation, textbooks, and other expenses such as a laptop.

Who can apply for the APREF Rural/Regional Scholarship?

The APREF Scholarship is open to any student commencing an API Accredited degree in 2022 who currently lives anywhere outside a capital city, the successful applicant can however move to a capital city to do their degree if they choose to. It is desirable that after the student graduates they would move to a rural or regional location to work in the property profession.


All of the ACT and all of the NT are included in the APREF Rural/Regional Scholarship.

When and how will the scholarship winner be announced?

The awardee will be notified in December 2021 in writing. Upon acceptance of the offer, the awardee will be announced on the APREF website and the API social network.

How do I apply for the scholarship?

Applicants must submit an API APREF 2022 Scholarship Application form together with requested supporting information to [email protected] by 30 October 2021.

Who is eligible to apply for a scholarship?

Current Year 12 students, or a mature-aged student, applying to study a 2022 undergraduate property valuation degree, who currently resides in rural Australia or Tasmania.

What is considered as Rural/regional location?

APREF considers anyone who is not classed as living in a “major capital city of Australia”, and those who reside in ACT, NT as a Rural/Regional student.

Can I change my application after submitting it?

Changes are accepted before the closing date but not afterwards as your application will go straight to the assessors. If you need to change contact details etc please contact [email protected] at any stage throughout the process.

Can the scholarship be deferred?


If you choose to defer your degree and are successful in being awarded a scholarship, you will need to relinquish the scholarship.

Can I delete my application, if I change my course enrolment?

Yes, you can withdraw your application at any time until you accept your degree offer.

Can I get feedback on my application?

After winners are announced you can request feedback on your application.

Can I reapply for the scholarship if I don't receive one in first year?

Yes, if you do not receive a scholarship and do not commence your degree, you can apply again the following year.