We are excited to share that early next year we are introducing a new Learning Management System (LMS) designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind! 

From your feedback, we understand how cumbersome our current technology is to navigate. In an endeavour to eradicate these frustrations we are systematically reviewing each of our tech touchpoints to improve our service to you. 

 Introducing Absorb  

Experience the future of learning with our new LMS system.  

Absorb is a cutting-edge platform designed to revolutionise your learning and development. 


  • Best-in-market customer experience tools allow easy navigation 
  • Visually appealing Dashboard 
  • Intuitive Interface – no more guessing where to find things 
  • Personalised learning, with ‘save for later’ feature and visual ‘progress’ bars to easily understand where you are up to in your learning journey
  • Mobile-Friendly Access 

The new LMS serves as your dynamic hub for accessing a wide array of courses, webinars, resources, and tools tailored to enhance your individual professional journey. Built on cloud-based technology, Absorb systematically releases automated upgrades to enhance usability. 

We understand that embracing another ‘new technology’ is daunting, especially after previous experiences, however, we’re confident that our new LMS will exceed your expectations and transform how you engage with API learning. 

Scheduled release date February 2024. 

With the onboarding of any new tech system, there will be a period of time that our current LMS will be inaccessible. To avoid disappointment or frustration, please download your current certificates of completion and complete modules within any training courses you have purchased and/or are part-way through before the 24th January 2024.

Stay tuned for more updates and detailed guides on how to make the most of our upcoming LMS.