The API is the leading Property association in Australia with more than six thousand Members. For 94 years, we’ve been supporting the Property Profession. We are committed to putting our Members’ needs first and are a trusted brand with specialist knowledge.

This Annual Report has been produced by the Australian Property Institute for its stakeholders and contains an overview of our history, operations, and information about our achievements and performance during 2020.

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Annual Report 2020

Chair Report

On behalf of the API Board, I am very pleased to present the 2020 Annual Report and Year in Review.


This year across all industries we saw tremendous upheaval as the world adjusted and continues to adjust to the ongoing impact of COVID-19. The Board were very pleased to see the speed at which API responded, not only in transitioning to a virtual environment, but in providing timely communication to Members.


API continued to lead the industry during the Coronavirus crisis with the majority of our advocacy initiatives focused on protecting Member’s ability to work. Initially this was achieved through the listing of valuation as a supporting essential service and continuing on to deliver a framework for virtual valuations that were acceptable for banks and insurance providers. This strongly supported the Board’s Strategic Objectives through enhanced Member value and through our high-level industry recognised standards.


Despite the crisis, our organisation continues to evolve as we further invest in new systems and processes that support the API to provide an enhanced Member experience. The Board is keen to see this continue to develop in the coming year.


At a strategic level, the Board along with the CEO led a full governance framework review, updating and reviewing a suite of critical governance policies to ensure our organisation remained current and up to standard. This immense piece of work helped strengthen the foundations of the Institute and provide greater confidence to members in the sustainability of the API and our future directions.


In 2020 we also saw a significant investment in personalising the member experience with a number of initiatives focused on invigorating the relationship between API and Members. This included an enhanced and segmented communications strategy, several in person campaigns aimed at member retention and wellbeing, as well as greater visibility of our members via our social media channels.


The Board was also very pleased with the strengthening of our relationships with our accredited universities both through our APREF Research Grants as well as through the reinforcement of the critical pathways into our profession via university pathways. This was achieved with a considered university and student engagement strategy, as well as through the scholarship program offered through APREF.


A key growth area in 2020 was a focus on developing stronger and more transparent consultation processes. Whilst consultation has always been a part of the API strategy through our State and YPP committees, the Board recognised that early and effective consultation would provide members with greater opportunity to influence strategic decision-making processes. The API Board would also like to thank our esteemed committees for their dedication, time, and support. The State Chairs, and YPP chairs along with their committees have helped steer the API during 2020 providing valuable insight and support to our Members through their feedback, recommendations, and acumen.


I would also like to thank and acknowledge the extraordinary effort of the other Directors. Meeting over 20 times during 2020 to respond to the rapidly evolving crisis was an exceptional contribution from my colleagues. During this time, the Directors provided valuable insight, strategic input, and empathy during a time of immense uncertainty helping ensure that the organisation didn’t lose focus of its strategic goals. This level of dedication and investment demonstrate the importance and investment into the wellbeing of the API and our Members and was commendable at the highest level.


I would also like to add my thanks to Rob Hecek, Chair of the APIV Limited Liability Scheme. This year the scheme prepared and submitted its application for renewal with the Professional Standards Council. Rob was critical to the success and delivery of this and has helped continue to shape and grow the APIV whilst also representing API Internationally on the International Fire Safety Standard (IFSS). Thank-you Rob, for your tireless work and support furthering the brand, adding member value, and continuing to deliver excellence.


Despite the impact of COVID-19, the Board was pleased to see the organisation finish the year in a strong financial position. Despite the uncertainty presented by the crisis, the Board was able to not only deliver a small surplus, but also succeeded in investing significantly into advancing the industry through planned future activities, as well as building staff capacity through considered professional development.


Unfortunately, this year we did not get much time to spend with Members at our face-to-face events and were especially saddened at the cancellation of our National Property Conference. However, we have been deeply appreciative of the support and professionalism of our Members who shared their expertise across a range of subjects assisting other Members to continue to develop and grow their skills and knowledge.


Finally, I would like to acknowledge and thank our Members. You are at the heart of everything we do at the API and this year you have shown extraordinary resilience, professionalism, and expertise despite facing extreme adversity. It has and continues to be a privilege to work with such an esteemed profession and the Board is very proud to continue to be able to represent and further the interests of the API across government, industry, and academia. Our Members continue to play a critical role in the economy and this year has demonstrated that more clearly than ever before. Thank you to our members for their feedback and support, helping us continue to grow into an even stronger organisation.


The Board and I are looking forward to a robust year ahead focusing on consolidating and connecting with members, industry partners and government to build on our achievements in 2020.





The CEO Report

Our 2020 Year of Innovation


The API team commenced 2020 with a sizeable agenda focused on delivering improved member value and growth for the organisation. Whilst small in size, our bold ambition was particularly noteworthy and brave. Along came COVID-19 to disrupt and attempt to alter the course we had mapped in late 2019.


Through the course of 2020, the business of industry associations was challenged in many operational areas. Of particular challenge was successfully balancing the need to adapt at the rate necessary to support our Members navigate difficult terrain, maintaining focus on strategic imperatives and quickly formulating advocacy platforms as governments released policy responses. In parallel, our members were also undergoing rapid adaptation across business models, product offerings, client compliance requirements and service delivery – to an extent unseen in recent memory for most and never seen for many.


Whilst the impact of COVID-19 was felt across the world, I was impressed and extremely proud of the camaraderie, partnership and collaboration that was experienced within our internal team as well as with our industry partners and broader property sector stakeholders. Together we united to support each other and steer the profession through the uncertainty and disruption caused by the pandemic.


Despite the disruption and in large part due to the strong foundation built during project design phases, we succeeded (with only a few hiccups) in delivering the planned innovation agenda and a significant majority of ambitious goals.  As a business, we have invested in the long-term foundations, platforms and technology that will ensure we can continue to provide our members with the services and experience needed in the future.


I am especially thankful to our API team for their unwavering commitment, resilience and generous support in driving successful outcomes for our member community, in the face of uncertain economic, health, organisational and social challenges. 


The work outlined in our Annual Report represents some of the key highlights of what we achieved together. I commend this to members and look forward to feedback or questions in relation to its contents.


I would also like to add my personal thanks to the Board and especially acknowledge the support, guidance and sound counsel of our Chair, The Honourable Bruce Billson. I extend my deep gratitude to the API Directors for their unwavering support through 2020, as we focussed on our strategic goals, advocacy and the investment in building and supporting a high-performing organisation best equipped to deliver compelling value and high-quality service to all our Members.


To our APIV Ltd Chair, Rob Hecek, I owe a deep thanks for the many late-night meetings held with Insurers and the UK to advocate for our Members’ operating environment in developing the virtual valuation hierarchy at the beginning of the pandemic; in the Professional Indemnity space; and his special skillsets and commercial expertise in relation to the development of our new APIV Scheme.


2020 was an extremely challenging year. A special thank you to our Members and Committee volunteers who contribute their valuable time and professional expertise to all we do at the API. Our successes are your successes and we could not do it without you. I am very much looking forward to connecting with members in person at our face-to-face events and sharing with you the exciting and innovative products and services we will have to offer in 2021. There is much work to do.


Amelia Hodge


Our achievements this year reflect the positive collaboration between API staff, Members and industry sector stakeholders to meet the new challenges and opportunities of 2020


Member Value proposition

  • Improved Member communications
    Chair nomination process
    Admissions process


Growth Opportunities

  • Launch of MAPI to expand to other areas of the
    property profession
  • New products developed exclusively for Members
  • Scheme renewal application submitted


Brand Reputation, Professional Standing and Advocacy

  • Insurance enquiry submission
  • Groundbreaking COVID protocols
  • University engagement strategy
  • Launch of APREF


Financial Investment Sustainability

  • Responded to the COVID crisis with agility
  • Leading us to a surplus budget



  • Completed a full governance review
  • Transitioned AGM to a virtual model allowing greater participation from Members


Operational Excellence

  • Complete review and overhaul of our IT infrastructure
  • HR improvements
  • Enhanced business analytics to streamline Member feedback
  • Organisational restructure to align functions and accountabilities


Standards, Education, Compliance and Assurance

  • COVID-19 protocols
  • Launch of Ethics module
  • 2019 CPD Audit completed
  • Support for getting to 20 CPD points in 2020




Linkedin Members
Up from 14,500

Informative posts kept our Members engaged and enabled them to maintain their professional networks during rolling lockdowns.



Facebook Members
Up from 6,989

Posts on industry news helped our Members keep aware of industry trends and stay connected with their peers.



Instagram Members

Interesting content on industry issues helped build followers and allowed Members to stay aware of Industry trends.



Courses + Webinar Courses Completed

Our Education and Events teams worked hard to provide a range of virtual content. Our Members stayed focused despite the rolling lock-downs and worked diligently towards their CPD targets!



Hours of CPD Completed

API Members work towards earning 20 CPD points annually. Our Education and Events teams worked hard to provide a range of virtual content to allow Members to achieve their CPD targets. 



Face-to-Face Events Held

Whenever we saw a safe opportunity to re-connect with our Members, our Member Services team worked hard on hosting events ‘off-screen”



COVID-19 Hub Visitors

A hub created on the API website to advise Members of COVID-19 protocols. The site provided much-needed information and advice on how to navigate the changing landscape and included health and wellbeing content.



CPV Interview Passed

Congratulations to the 186 Members who achieved the required standard to become a Certified Practicing Valuer. We look forward to supporting your career success.



Rental Determinations

Expert Valuers were appointed to determine rent independently of market reviews, tenants and their landlords.

We are Valuable

We are a National Association, with Members and staff living all over Australia! We are committed to putting our Members’ needs first and creating tailored Events, Education, and Products and Services to meet their needs and adapt to the ever-changing environment in which we live. We hire amazing staff, who have shared values and work towards common goals.

Our History

Originally founded in 1926 as the Commonwealth Institute of Valuers, a small group of professionals saw the need for an organisation that would set and maintain the highest standards of skill, behavior and practice. Through their determination and vision, the Australian Property Institute (API) was born and is now a leading professional membership organisation for property professionals who develops and supports Members to advise the community and business.


In 2015, the API undertook its largest structural review in the then 89-year history. The result? An organisation re-focused on providing the best services to our Members and key stakeholders. Administrative processes were streamlined to allow the API to place additional resources into Professional Standards, Advocacy and Discipline.


The API has a long and proud history dating back to November 1926 when it was founded as the Commonwealth Institute of Valuers (the Institute) in Adelaide, South Australia by Sydneys’ Ferguson Whittington. Whittington, along with a small group of like-minded people had seen the need for an organisation that would set and maintain the highest standards of skills, behaviour and practices in the valuers’ profession.


The first General Meeting of Members was held on 17 January 1927, the first constitution was drafted, and the Institute was incorporated shortly afterwards under the South Australian Associations Incorporations Act. 


The motto adopted by the original Council refers to the three Latin words Prospiciens, Recte, Judicans, meaning Broad Vision and Balanced Judgement.


Over the next 50 years, the Institute established state membership bases in South Australia (1926), Queensland (1929), Victoria (1930), Western Australia (1931), New South Wales (1933) Tasmania (1949) and finally the Australian Capital Territory (1978).


The Australian Institute of Valuers Incorporated – Book

A history that was produced by the Institute in 1988.

A National Reach

API is a national association, with offices Australia-wide to ensure national coverage of our work and engagement with property professionals in urban, rural, regional, and remote areas.


Throughout 2020, our staff worked in each state and territory; coordinating events, training and workshops, issuing research grants, providing guidance papers, communicating standards, processing complaints and providing comprehensive Professional Indemnity Insurance to our Members Australia wide. 


In this reporting period, our association had events planned in every state and territory. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, limited face-to-face events were conducted. Nonetheless, our association continued to deliver value to our Members Australia wide by virtual means. 



Staff members



States we work in



API Members (excluding Students)


API is the leading and contemporary membership body for Australia’s property community. The API is committed to broadening the expertise, connectivity and knowledge of its membership to benefit the community and the property industry.

Our Departments

API Ltd Board



  • Shared Services
  • Events Team
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing & Communications Team



  • Member Services Managers
  • Chair Nominations Officers


Professional Development & Education

  • General Managers
  • Project Coordinators
  • Education Designers
  • University & Education Coordinator


Standards & Compliance

  • General Manager
  • Special Projects
  • APIV Manager
  • Standards Manager
  • Professional Conduct Officier
  • Administration officers



  • General Manager
  • Payroll
  • Accountants
Products & Services

Products & Services

  • PropertyPRO
  • APIV
  • APIX
  • ANZPJ (
  • Valuer Nominations
  • Valcover
  • Cyber Solution
  • Textbooks



  • Professional Misconduct
  • Guidance Papers
  • Exposure Drafts
  • Valuation Protocols
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance Calculator



  • Events, Webinars and Online Courses
  • CPD Rules & Requirements
  • Specialisation
  • Certifications
  • Practical Valuation Training
  • Accredited Courses
  • Research / Scholarships


Marketing & Communications

  • Media Releases 
  • Social Media
  • EDM
  • Publications
  • Marketing collateral
  • Websites
  • Campaigns
  • Podcasts
  • Partnerships
  • Human Resources
  • IT
Our Values

A Thriving & Valued Property Profession


Our culture is based on shared beliefs and common goals. We are focused on delivering value for our Members and the broader community. During 2020, we rolled out our Employee Handbook and HR SharePoint site to ensure our staff reflect the values across the Association. Our culture is built on our key values of Caring, Honesty and High Performance, they inform everything we do. Each of our departments reflects the key Brand Pillars, Values and Culture.


Our values guide the way we work: The caring energy that gets us all invested; the honesty and integrity to deliver what we promise; our commitment to customer focus to put you the Member first; and our business acumen to take ownership and complete the task – our staff.



  • Diversity + Inclusion
  • Customer Focused
  • Influential 


  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Integrity


  • Business 
  • Judgment
  • Continuous 
  • Learning
  • Inspiration
  • Collaboration
Our Vision
  1. Lead and partner with our Members in advancing property education, research, practice and services to improve outcomes for the business.
  2. Develop and empower our Members to achieve meaningful careers.
  3. Be an effective and proactive voice on property.
  4. Strengthen and support our Members by facilitating a collegiate environment to build professional relationships, in Australia and abroad.


Member Value


Our Members are at the core of the API. As trusted professionals, their role is enhanced by API membership, receiving professional development, education and career adaptability.


Growth Opportunities


With our Members, we identify opportunities for products, services and partnerships to support property professionals in a changing and challenging economic environment.


Strategy on a page (SOAP)


How we do things around here

Our Association has a system of reporting that controls how we operate and is the mechanism by which our staff and our Members are held to account. We have Board Members with a wealth of experience and expertise, an internal Executive Leadership Team and Committee Members who represent different States and Territories.

The Role of our Board

The role of our Board is to be accountable to API Members whilst operating in a manner that is in the best interests of the Organisation. Consisting of the Chair, Elected Directors, Independent Directors and Non-Directors, the Board is committed to maintaining and delivering the highest standards for all property professionals.


Elections are held annually and successful candidates are announced shortly following our AGM. As a Membership organisation, all API Members are encouraged to participate in the process by either nominating for vacant positions or voting in the annual elections.



The API is committed to implementing and maintaining an effective and comprehensive Corporate Governance Policy and, in turn, practices and procedures. The policies, practices and procedures have been developed in accordance with the Australian Standard Good Governance Principles (AS 8000-2003).


API Ltd Constitution – Effective 30 May 2019

Board Members 

Hon. Bruce Billson

Independent Director (API Chair)

Bruce is an AICD Company Director course graduate and has earned a Bachelor of Business, Graduate Diploma of Management and Masters Of Business Leadership (RMIT) and is a member of the ACCC’s Small Business and Franchise Advisory Committee.

Bruce was a member of the Liberal Party of Australia, representing the Division of Dunkley in Victoria from 1996 to 2016. He was also Minister for Small Business from September 2013 to September 2015.


Diana D’Ambra

Independent Director (API FRAC Chair)

Diana is an experienced non-executive director and independent adviser. Diana’s executive career includes more than 25 years as lead executive director in a global accounting firm delivering corporate finance, business valuation and investment advice across a number of industry sectors. Diana now combines corporate finance, financial management and related strategic advice with Board roles.


Tyrone Hodge

Executive Director, Head of Valuation and Advisory NSW, JLL
(Director, API)

Tyrone has served on various API committees and boards since 2008 most recently as the inaugural API Chair.  Tyrone played a pivotal role in the restructure and corporatisation of the API and has previously served as the National President and New South Wales President. 


Tyrone has over 25 years experience in the property industry across valuation, sales and leasing of all property asset classes. At JLL, Tyrone is a Regional Director with responsibility for leading a team of valuers who provide services to institutional and bank clients.


Anne-Maree Moussa

Director – Real Estate Finance, Institutional Banking & Markets, Commonwealth Bank
(Director, API)

Anne-Maree is a passionate property professional with diverse background and experience. She has over 18 years of industry specialisation having commenced her career as a property valuer.


Anne-Maree moved to a technical role, within the Valuation, Development and Advisory Team at the Commonwealth Bank. She later transitioned to manage a portfolio of large institutional real estate clientele. Anne-Maree is directly responsible for the origination, execution and management of complex real estate finance transactions across Australia and New Zealand.


Katherine Bartolo

Valuer General of South Australia
(Director, API)

The Valuer-General of South Australia, Katherine Bartolo has undertaken a wide variety of roles in her 20 years of being part of the property industry and completing a Post Grad Masters in Property through the University of South Australia. Elevating to management in 2008 and more recently as the Valuer-General in January 2019.


Chris Knight

Chief Executive Officer, Opeton
(Director, API)

Christopher is a CPV certified Associate Member of the API and is the Chief Executive Officer at Opteon. He previously served on the API Victorian Divisional Council and has been Chair of the API National Advocacy Committee. Also a member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, Chris’s extensive experience in the property industry makes him a leader within the profession.


Bart Mead

Director, JLL-Valuation & Advisory Australia
(Director, API)

Bart has 30 years experience providing property advice to financial institutions, government bodies and private clients. His experience includes a wide variety of generalist valuation work incorporating valuations of industrial, commercial, retail and residential assets. Bart has extensive experience in resumption/acquisition of property, retrospective valuations and rental reviews. He is also highly experienced in preparing expert witness reports valuing property for the Land and Environment Court and the Family Court of Australia.


Michael Leech

Associate Director, M3property
(Director, API)

Michael joined the API in 2013 and became the YPP National Representative in 2014. He is a member of various other professional groups and holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (Property and Valuation) from RMIT Melbourne. Michael’s past experience includes Municipal Rating and Land Tax Valuation and assessment of commercial, industrial, residential real estate.

Executive Leadership

The executive leadership of API work to deliver the Board’s Strategy by working with Members, industry stakeholders and internal staff in an inclusive and consultative manner. Our commitment to operational excellence and our Member First perspective continues to ensure that our day-to-day supports the growth and development of our Members.


Geoffrey Buchanan


Chief Financial Officer


Belinda Nankivell


Chief Operating Officer


Sheila Kushe

Standards & Compliance

General Manager


Ilan Werbeloff


Head of Marketing & Communications

State Committee Members

API refreshed our state committees following several Members retiring, with newcomers hoping for the opportunity to represent Members in their state. In total, 38 nominations were received across the country to fill the state committee positions due for election this year. 


New and returning Members:



  • Marcia Bowden
  • Dean Faganello*
  • Natalia Guzman
  • Maree Harman
  • Marcus Hon
  • Rebecca Jakubaszek
  • LeGendre Katrivessis
  • Steven Protopopoff
  • Calvin Rogers
  • Daniel Woodward



  • Darren Austin
  • Chris Attenborough
  • Brett Baxter 
  • Andrew Cash*
  • John Ewing
  • Dean Galanos
  • Andrew Graham
  • Talia Powell*
  • Colin Pugsley
  • Ken Rayner



  • Lauren Ashley
  • Lillie Callow*
  • Milton Cations
  • Scott Chapman
  • Damian Dalton
  • John Paul Delorenzo
  • Adam Gardner
  • Celeste Orange
  • Daniel Rawlings*
  • Greg Sugars



  • Kyle Baxter  
  • Aleisha Brookes
  • Dean Dederer
  • Cameron Hurman
  • Brendan Marino
  • Amanda Reed
  • Peter Roberts  
  • Jack Sullivan*



  • Mark Kay
  • Patrick McCarthy
  • Ellen Newberry*
  • Tyron Noble
  • Jack O’Leary
  • Natalie Patterson
  • Lani Rogers
  • Allan Romaniuk
  • Thomas Rowe 



  • Kate Bingham 
  • Emily Dyer 
  • Matthew Garmony*
  • Rowan Hemsley
  • Michael Rowe
  • Steve Kish
  • Patrick Lilburne
  • Matt Murphy
  • Cameron Sharp
  • James Sholdas
  • Christopher Watson



  • Ellie Johnston 
  • Anthony McDonald
  • Tamara Neilsen 
  • Joshua Perry
  • Tamsin Quayle
  • Kim Quick
  • Leon Sleiters
  • Joe Stansfield 
  • Craig Sullivan



  • Matt Blesing
  • Dario Codina
  • Ross Copland
  • Emma Jackson
  • Will Johnson
  • Frank Peacocke
  • Terence Roth


Adapting to our environment

COVID-19 rolling lockdowns changed the way we worked, how we lived and who we could see (in person). Our association responded rapidly to the challenges around us moving to a virtual platform of events to support our Members and staff through a very challenging year.


To review a monthly timeline of events, either view the interactive version of this report at the top of this webpage or download the annual report as a PDF.


A summary of our financial performance and cash flow.

  • Consolidated statement of profit or loss
  • Consolidated statement of financial position
  • Consolidated statement of changes in equity
  • Consolidated statement of cash flow
  • Directors’ declaration
  • Independent auditor’s report

To access API’s Financial Statements please log into your Member Portal