Associate Membership

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is the most sought after qualification for those working in the Australian property sector.  It is the home for property professionals across a broad range of property disciplines and is available to applicants with two years or more of property experience.  

Associate without a Certification is available to applicants who meet the API's entry requirements but do not have two years of full time (or equivalent) experience in one of the areas which can lead to a Certification.  Certifications can be added to an existing Associate membership at any time.

Applying for a Certification gives further weight to your Associate Membership as it shows your particular experience and skills to clients and colleagues.

All applicants for Associate Membership are required to meet the API’s Educational and Experience requirements provide work samples for review and sit a professional interview.  

For more information, please select the certification which best describes your particular experience:

API CertificationFor applicants with more than two years of experience in
Certified Asset ManagerCAMAsset Management
Certified Commercial Property ManagerCCPMCommercial Property Management 
Certified Development PractitionerCDPProperty or Land Development (including Construction) 
Certified Facilities ManagerCFacMFacilities Management 
Certified Funds ManagerCFMFunds Management 
Certified Property PractitionerCPPProperty Transactions (including Sale, Leasing and Negotiation) and/or Corporate Real Estate and/or Property Consultancy and/or Property Research
Certified Property Practitioner – Education CPP (Ed)Property Education 
Certified Property Practitioner – Finance CPP (Fin)Property Finance
Certified Property Practitioner – Government CPP (Gov)Property within Government
Certified Property Practitioner – LawCPP (Law)Property Law 
Certified Practising ValuerCPVValuation of Real Property
Certified Practising Valuer (Business)CPV (Bus)Valuation of Businesses
Certified Practising Valuer (Plant and Machinery)CPV (P&M)Valuation of Plant and Machinery