Re-admission to API Membership

The API has rules which indicate the steps required for former Members who are seeking to be readmitted and for non-practising and retired members who are seeking to have their practising membership restored.  

The API will contact you after reviewing you your readmission form to request additional documentation according to whether you are a former member or Non Practising Member or Retired Member.

For the API to consider your re-admission, please complete the re-admission form.

The following is a statement of what will be required from former members, Non-Practising Members and Retired members seeking readmission:

  • Completion of 20 CPD points in the 12 months immediately preceding application for readmission*; and
  • Completion of the Risk Management Module where the applicant  is seeking Residential Property Valuer or Certified Practising Valuer; and
  • Completion of the Professional Interview (including provision of 3 work samples specific to the applicant’s primary area of work) where the applicant has not been a Member, been a Non-Practising Member or Retired Member for more than 5 years, immediately prior to the date of application; or
  • Completion of a Member Induction where the applicant has not been a Member, been a Non-Practising Member or Retired Member for fewer than 5 years immediately prior to the date of application.

Former member seeking to be readmitted must also provide:

  • Payment of a re-admission fee - $88; and
  • Statement of work history for the two year period preceding application for readmission; and
  • Any unpaid dues from the year in which the former member allowed their membership to lapse.
 Former members Non Practising Members & Retired Members
Application fee        
20 CPD points
RMM (for Residential Property Valuer and Certified Practising Valuer)
Statement of Work history
Professional Interview (> 5 years)
Member Induction (< 5 years)
Payment of any previously unpaid dues


*special conditions apply to those seeking readmission who are returning from parental leave