Provisional Membership

Provisional Membership

Provisional Membership is for applicants who meet the API’s academic entry criteria but do not have the work experience required to move into the next level of membership.

All applicants for Provisional Membership are required to meet the API’s Educational requirements.

EducationalAll applicants must meet the API’s academic entry criteria
ExperienceNot applicable.  
Applicants do not need a minimum level of experience
CompetenceNot assessed.  
As this is not a practising level of membership, competence tests are not required.
Future Property Professionals (FPP)Not required to be completed.

Provisional Members receive unrestricted access to the Institute’s full range of services including member rates on all of our professional development and networking events.

Provisional Membership is the Institute’s first voting level membership and the first level where post-nominals are available.  Provisional Members are identified by the post nominal PMAPI.  


Applicants with existing membership of an organisation which has a reciprocity agreement with the API may have a shortened pathway to membership.  For more information, please visit the Membership via Reciprocity page.

What documents will you need to complete your application? 

1.A copy of your Academic Transcript which shows your course completion.

What steps are involved in applying for Provisional Membership? 

1.Click Apply Now (below).
2.Add the Provisional Application to your Cart on the following screen.
3.Once you have completed any other purchases you may wish to make, go to your Cart and Checkout.
4.Open My Portal where the steps required to complete your Provisional application will appear including:
 a.Supplying information relating to your application
 b.Uploading your Academic Transcript
5.Once all of the steps listed in your My Portal have been completed, submit your application.
6.Applications will take up to 7 days to process.  The API will contact you once the process has been completed. 


Apply now

Applying only takes a few minutes.  To apply online for Provisional Membership, please click Apply Now.



Remember to return to your My Portal after purchasing your Application and making payment to complete your application




Do you have a question that is not answered on this page or in our Frequently Asked Questions?  Please email or contact your local API office for assistance.