About the course

This blended-learning program provides guidance to API Members – particularly Certified Practicing Valuers – in giving evidence concerning valuation and compensation matters in court.


Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand the process of appointment of an expert, reporting requirements, joint statements, compulsory conferences and mediation, giving evidence in court.
  2. Demonstrate how to present expert evidence via examination in chief, cross-examination & re-examination.
  3. Discuss the Courts/Tribunals requirements of giving expert evidence and what this involves.


  1. Introduction to Giving Expert Evidence (pre-workshop online module, 2.5 CPD points)
  2. Giving Expert Evidence Workshop (face-to-face workshop, 7 CPD points)
  3. Post Workshop Online Assessment (online module, 1 CPD point)



If you are interested in presenting or being a part of the workshop delivery for Giving Expert Evidence, please contact the Education Team giving a brief description of how you would like to be involved.


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Full Course (10.5 CPD)

Requires attendance and completion of the 3 modules/workshops detailed above. Please complete an Expression of Interest form below.


Introduction Only (2.5 CPD)

If you are interested in undertaking an introduction to the program, apply to attend the Introduction to Giving Expert Evidence online module only. You can extend your learning to complete the full course at a later time if desired.  The introduction module must be completed prior to attending the workshop and online assessment to complete the course in full.

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