What is PropertyPRO Plus?

PropertyPRO Plus is a complete Valuation Management System that allows valuers and valuation firms to manage the complete lifecycle of Valuation Reports and manage other aspects of their business. 

What do we offer?

Built from the ground up on a modern web-based platform, PropertyPRO Plus offers a great experience regardless of the device or browser, and provides numerous productivity tools to improve valuers’ productivity and reduce the job turnaround time that is critical to the Valuation business.

PropertyPRO Plus is a dynamic platform and the list of Productivity tools continue to grow rapidly and includes:

  1. Real-time two-way integration with ValEx 
  2. Intelligent property data integration with PriceFinder and RP Data to automatically download and pre-populate key data about subject property
  3. In-app lookup of Reference Sales from PriceFinder and RP Data (more data sources coming soon)
  4. Fully integrated sketching and onsite data collection tools
  5. Offline data collection with data collection tools
  6. Intelligent comments auto-generation for Risk, Location, Overlays, Sales Evidence, and other Comments
  7. Configurable Job Workflows to suit individual business needs
  8. Full two-way integration with accounting systems including Xero and MYOB
  9. State of the art Business Intelligence tools and Dashboards for business managers
  10. A large number of pre-built report templates for a variety of Mortgage & Non-mortgage reports & purposes

PropertyPRO Plus offers unparalleled user support, training and onboarding experience for our new and existing clients. 


PropertyPRO Plus offers all these great features with a flexible pricing model that is a fraction of the price of any competitor products in the market. What’s more, we offer transition pricing to support new Val Firms to offset ridiculous lock-in contracts by their existing software provider. 

No lock-in contracts with PropertyPRO Plus. 

Promotional Offer for API Members

  • 30% discount on our standard pricing for the first year for monthly subscriptions
  • 50% discount on our standard pricing for the first year for annual subscriptions