The Standard Steering Committee has updated the API/PINZ/NZIV guidance paper (GP)Valuation of Rural & Agribusiness Properties (ANZVGP 109). This GP is effective from 1 July 2022, with earlier adoption permitted and encouraged.

The purpose of this GP is to provide guidance and advice to API’s Valuer Members undertaking valuations of any rural or agribusiness property for any purpose.

Our updated GP supports our Valuers to navigate rural and agribusiness valuations considering current market trends and fundamentals. This GP aids competent professional practice, procedures and processes to facilitate appropriate reporting.

We encourage Valuers involved in the valuation of rural and agribusiness property to read and comprehend the paper as soon as possible.

Any comments or feedback regarding the content of the GP please do not hesitate to contact the Standards team at [email protected].

Download the GP