With the increased use of technology, data and automation, the property industry is changing rapidly and the way professional services is provided is also changing. To ensure, we as your association body, are better informed of these changes, to be able to provide members with the best products, services and experiences, we will be creating an evidenced-based white paper, ‘The Future of the Property Profession’.

The aim of the report is to predict the changes that will be happening to the property industry and also consequently provide members with recommendations, resources and information to support them to thrive (not just survive) in their practices. The report will look at the whole life cycle of a member’s career from entry into the property profession, continuing professional development, which will identity areas for improvements with our current processes, such as admission, CPD policy, standards, advocacy, product and services offering and

Extensive stakeholder consultation will be undertaken, through a survey, 1-1 interviews, focus groups and a newly created event ‘’Think Tanks’’ which will be held in the larger cities, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

We envisage that the final report will be published in Q2 of 2023 and will be available for members, industry and government.

Any feedback, views, questions, please do email us at [email protected].

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