The Australian Property Standards Committee (APSC) has updated the API TIP Methods of Measurement (ARPTIP 3) to incorporate IPMS Industrial Buildings which was released by the International Property Measurement Standards Coalition (IPMSC) on 24 January 2018.  This TIP is effective from 1 April 2020 with earlier adoption permitted.

The objective of this Technical Information Paper (TIP) is to provide a guide to Members for the consistent application of the measurement of buildings, and the reporting of such measurements, in regard to advice provided by Members for their clients.

While this TIP is intended to be used by Members active in the Australian property industry, the actual measurement of building should generally be carried out by professionals who specialise in the provision of measurement services and not necessarily by those Members who rely on such measurements in the provision of other professional services to their clients.

It is critical that the appropriate measurement convention is used when measuring the built environment and in the appropriate circumstances for the task at hand.

An underlying principle of measurement is that the physical measurement is a matter of fact not an opinion.

The IPMS have been developed to consistency in the reporting of the measurement of the built environment.

The API supports the IPMSC commitment to producing a single global standard for the application of the measurement of buildings.  The API TIP recognises the various IPMS (office, residential and industrial) released by the IPMSC.  The current IPMSC standards are hosted on the API Standards webpage and are available here.

The IPMSC released IPMS Retail in September 2019 and the APSC have started to review the API TIP which the intention of incorporating IPMS Retail.  The API is also aware that the IPMSC is looking to create a single document which incorporates all the various asset classes and further updates to this TIP will therefore follow.

The API is committed to the promotion of best practice within the property industry and welcomes feedback to help this goal be achieved.

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To download a copy of this TIP, click here.