Each month we will highlight insider tips from a report reviewer, to guide you on how to improve your report submissions for CPV/RPV process. These monthly “Suggestions from a Report Reviewer” are based on deficiencies they have found in recently submitted reports. These tips are relevant to both applicants and supervisors alike. 

The key focus this month: 

  • Look to submit reports as a showcase of your knowledge and skill and therefore the bar is higher than the industry standard.
  • Proofing: proofing your work is fundamental.  Check for spelling, grammar and punctuation.
  • Formatting: ensure you add Headers and Footers, page numbers, and reference your work correctly.
  • Covid-19 Valuation Uncertainty Clause: Include if relevant.
  • Fact check: are details correct, like postcodes, address details, date of valuation, reference number, are issue and photo dates consistent with dates of inspection?
  • Review your reports to ensure suitability for interview. Do they fit and highlight your skill level consistent with the number of years you have been valuing?

Pass the interview the first round by setting yourself up for success and applying the above suggestions!