The Australian Property Research Education Fund (APREF) was established by the API in 2018 to support the Australian Property Industry by facilitating both scientific research, education, training and development – specifically in the fields of valuation and land economy.

APREF would like to hear from Members for their input regarding topics you see as important for future research in the property profession. Over the past two years, we have covered topics such as:

  • Housing market resilience
  • Towards more inclusive equality and diversity for the Australian valuation industry
  • Towards understanding the dynamics of the regional property markets of Australia
  • Black Swan Events, Quantitative Easing and the Australian Residential Property Market
  • Big Visual Data Analysis using Artificial Intelligence for Mass Valuation of Residential Properties in Australia
  • Urban densification through private land assembling in inner and middle suburbs for decentralised mixed/single-use build to rent development
  • Valuation @ Risk

Please submit your suggestions for research topics before 31 March.

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