Terans Gunawardhana, a PhD candidate at RMIT University in the School of Property, Construction & Project Management studying the implications of advanced technologies on the specialised property valuation in Australia, invites you to participate in an interview for PhD research on advanced technologies used in specialised property valuations in Australia.

The research aims to provide proposals on how advanced technologies can assist the Australian specialised property valuation profession. In this study, he hopes to analyse how advanced technologies are being used in specialised property valuations in Australia and explore the challenges and opportunities of using these technologies. Findings from the study will benefit specialised property valuation professionals, property valuation firms, and property educational institutions to upgrade their practices by enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of specialised property valuations.

If you would like to be involved please contact Terans and let him know a convenient date and time for an in-depth interview. The interview would last for approximately 60 minutes. The online interview is conducted using the researcher’s university MS Team account.

In appreciation of your time and effort, you will receive a summary of the findings of this research when it is completed. Terans also hopes to present the findings more generally in a public seminar held at the API/RMIT.

For any further information concerning this project, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Terans at +61466077081, [email protected]