We are reaching out in response to feedback and correspondence from members in relation to their ability to work during a lockdown. We appreciate that it has been extremely frustrating to not have absolute clarity in relation to this matter, and we share your frustration at the lack of clear information on many of the State and Territory Government websites including individual State and Territory health directions in respect of the current and ever-changing COVID restrictions in force.

Whilst we have also been unable to gain clarity from any State and Territory Government departments and health departments in relation to valuation work, we felt that we could at the very least provide some guidance to our Members by obtaining legal advice to pass on to our members.

The attached letter to valuers comes from our legal team and provides some guidance as to the various definitions given to an “authorised worker” as published by the various State and Territory Governments on their websites.

We do not provide any warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of information in the attached letter to valuers and recommend that any valuer concerned about the restrictions in force in their State or Territory, contact their relevant State or Territory Government and health department for further guidance prior to undertaking any work outside of home.

Our goal here is to utilise all our available resources to provide the greatest clarity to API Members. We cannot dictate how individual members or firms interpret the restrictions in place from time to time and therefore, there is likely to be discrepancies within the industry and across API Members. Despite this, we want to ensure that we are responsive to our Members feedback.

For any Members who are undertaking valuation work where they believe their work is permitted, we recommend those Members carry on them:

  1. The API letter of support;
  2. The Griffin Legal Advice for Members – based on the restrictions as at today’s date
  3. The relevant work order from the company or business who has engaged them to carry out their services; and
  4. The required permit for valuers travelling within/to a restricted LGA

These documents may assist members in mounting a credible argument as to why they are carrying out work outside of home and are not in breach of any COVID restrictions.

We cannot guarantee that this material will offer you 100% protection, however, our goal is to provide as much supporting material as possible to enable members to continue working and should they be questioned, be in a position to demonstrate their place as an authorised worker.

In addition to the above advice, we recommend members adhere to API’s COVID safe protocols when engaging in valuation work, and our virtual valuation protocols here.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any further questions in respect of any of the matters raised in this email.